Since I like making posts about games, I decided to make a post with the top 5 hardest games you can play.
And I warn you, these are really difficult to succeed.
I don’t think there is a really specific order in which I’ll have to tell you the games, so number 5 is not the easiest of the 5 games, and maybe also not the most difficult.

5. Jeu Chiant (it is in French but that shouldn’t be a problem, right?).

Jeu Chiant

My highscore at Jeu Chiant



In this game you have to make sure that you will hold the two balls in the game.

You shouldn’t let one of the balls get of the field.
With the mini bar, you have to hold the  light ball in the air. While you are moving the mini bar, the big bar moves. On the big bar is a dark ball. This ball is moving on the big bar. So you have to keep the two balls in the air.
My record is 19.552 seconds. Will you be able to beet me ^^

To play this game, scroll down and press on the link.



In this game you have to get to the end. It is just 100 metres away from you, easy to do!
That might be your first thought, but when you are going to play this, it is very different.
You have to move with QW and OP (Hey, that’s how the game is called :) )
Move your thights with Q and W and your calves with O and P

I haven’t uploaded an image here, because it is just to hard to get a good result here (my record was 4.8 …)
Anyway, to play this game, scroll down (or read further) and click on the link below.

3. Chase Goose 2

Chase Goose 2

My highscore in Chase Goose 2


In this game you are a goose and you are chased (^^) by a strange creature, which looks like a big snake to me.
To avoid (as long as possible) this creature,  you have to press the left and right arrow of your keyboard. And when you see a gap between the buildings on which you are running, it tells you which key you have to press. When you are running a while, it gets even more difficult because you have to press Shift the whole time.
Try to beat my highscore; 363 metres

Again, to play this game, you will find the links at the bottom of the page.



2.  Tail

Tail game

My highscore at Tail


You have to collect the green squares, and elude the red squares.
You can move the left tail with A and D. The right tail you can move with the left and right arrows on your keyboard. You also can obtain purple squares, they will give you bonus points.
My highscore is 2615, try to beat it :)

And again the links are in the bottom.



1. Worlds Hardest Game

Worlds Hardest Game

As the title is telling us, this game is difficult :) And we like it. The game is placed on a Dutch website, but I don’t think that’s a real problem, because we also had a French game site ^^

So what do we have to do in this game.
Well, you have to get the red square (which is you) to the end. You start in the green area, and you’ll have to go to the other green area, but watch out for the blue balls.

To get a highscore here, you should finish all the levels, doesn’t matter how much time, you will have to finish all the games without dying too much. Which is easier said then done.

If you are going to try this game, believe me, you’ll fail a lot of times :P




Here are the links to play the games :)






So tell me your highscore in the posts here, lets see if you have beaten me with a game :)



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