Tips on how to level up fast at FarmVilleFarmVille is an application for Facebook that is played by millions of people every day. Just like every game, FarmVille is played by players who do it for fun, and who are really are playing it, to become the best of all, No Matter What!

Players who want to be the best, will try to go as quickly as possible to the highest ranking. In FarmVille the player with a higher level, will be higher in the rankings!
When you level up, you will get a lot of benefits with it. You can do more things, that when you were a level lower, you couldn’t do!

So then we will (finally) start with the tips to level up quickly at FarmVille.

Look for Neighbors.

This method is very common to use. And a lot of people use it, if you aren’t using it yet, you should start using this!

If you get more and more neighbors, you will find out how important they actually are. And you’ll see the benefits of them.
It actually is very simple to find other FarmVille players to become neighbors with:
You just visit one of the many forums which are made by fans to help other new players with FarmVille. You can also visit the official web forum of FarmVille and add more friends. When you get more neighbors, you will level up!

Grow more and more Crops.

Because there are a huge variety of crops you can choose, players sometimes don’t know which type to plant or how many they should plant. It is recommend to pick two crops and swap them every day.
Pick two crops which will give you different benefits, coins and experience points. Then alternate between those two. One day you will get lots of coins, the other days lots of exprerience points. And be sure that you will upgrade the crops, because this will improve the benefits of your crops.

Berries are not very common in FarmVille, but you can make a good deal of money with them. Every time you will harvest them, you will earn 100 coins and they can be harvested after two hours(!). You can earn a total of 288 experience points at a time limit of 4 hours and above, depending on the size of your farm.
But you will have to spend lots of hours playing this game to accomplish this all. But this shouldn’t be a problem for the players (which are described in the top post) who are playing it to become the best!

Other Things you can do to Improve

The game FarmVille is not all about plant crops and harvest the crops. There are lots of other things you can do with the game.
You can buy animals for the farm, such as chickens, sheeps, cows, and many others. These animals will also give you a good amount of coins.
You can do the same with the trees. Once you have gained lots of neighbors, you should ask them to send you a tree as a gift. Most of the time they will just do this, but sometimes you have to send a gift back for the tree :)

If you still have some coins left after you have bought the farm animals and the trees. Make sure that you will spend them on tiny hay bales which you can buy at the FarmVille marketplace. Each hay bale will give you 5 experience points, the great thing about them is that you can buy and sell them again, to get more and more points.

If you will follow these tips every day, and every hour, you might reach the highest level, LEVEL 90 with the title WORLD FAIR CHAMP.

Good luck !




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