There are many reasons why card games are such a popular form of entertainment and medium for social interaction all over the world. A deck of cards and knowledge of some simple (self-made or standard) rules is all one needs to start playing. Moreover, the same deck of cards can be used to play a mind boggling variety of games ensuring you never need to play the same game if you’re getting bored.

Apart from being cheap, it’s also very convenient. Any flat surface to place cards on is enough, and if you carry a pack of cards around in your pocket you can play card games virtually anywhere and anytime you wish. Card games in total are also very limited by age or any other characteristics, which may prevent a person from playing them. Many card games are extremely simple and yet a lot of fun. Even a family with representation from five different generations can be found playing the same game, with everyone having a merry time.

Although capable of being simple, certain card games have a complex structure of rules, or require a lot of strategy and other skills to play well. Therefore, you have a variety of games to choose from depending on your mood or inclination.

Many of the popular games have tournaments dedicated to them all over the world. Some of these like the enjoy huge viewership, prizes and sponsorship. Many people have made a living out of playing cards.

Due to the flexibility that cards provide, they are easily adapted for gambling purposes, played both on the internet and in a casino environment. When playing online, you can also play in tournaments with no risk on your part.

Unlike, many games where one can bet only on the outcome (win, draw, lose) or the nature and margin of victory, card games can be easily evolved to have a betting structure and even complex betting rules built into the game. Thus the amount to be bet can change as the game proceeds, sometimes by many multiples of the initial betting amount. This leads us to the perhaps dark side of cards. An excesses or addiction to anything is dangerous. But the gambling nature of cards makes them even more devastating.

In essence, cards are universal because they are cheap, simple, and extremely flexible, thus making possible a variety of card games, suited to the different needs of people. Due to their universal nature, cards have a very strong social aspect to them, and in some countries are played by the majority of the people.



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