A road trip for children can be long and challenging. In order to keep your sanity and children entertained consider some car games. Car games for children can keep you and them entertained and make the trip more bearable for everyone.

Great kid’s games for the car have simple and easy to understand rules, you can use things you have on hand, use items on the road, lightweight and portable and above all fun.

Board games or games with small pieces don’t work well with a moving car. A kid’s game for the car requiring either of these should be reconsidered. Plan ahead. If you know how long you will be in the car and how far you have to go, you can plan a short game, a longer game or for a fairly long trip-numerous car games.  Knowing what route you are taking is also a plus for designing your game. For example, if you plan to use scenery as part of the rules of the game, whether or not you are in the city, on the interstate or highway can make a difference in what type of car games you design and play.

Some of the easiest and simplest materials for a kids game or car game are pencil and paper. When brainstorming imagine how much you can do with a simple pencil and paper.

Laminate a game on a piece paper or several pieces of blank paper and use dry eraser markers to replay again and again and store away easily when not in use.

These are several great car games for children with materials as simple as pencil and paper;

  • find all fifty states license plates for a very long road trip along the interstate
  • Bingo is always fun and you can use items along the interstate or highway. Cows, deer, a river, semi-trucks can all be used to make a bingo instead of numbers
  • Find as many different makes and models of cars as you can come up with in the next 30 minutes. Multiple players cannot reuse the same make and model

Make certain that whatever game or rules you design around the game don’t involve the driver reviewing the paper or writing down anything. Paying attention to the road is your ultimate concern.




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