I have been playing this game the west for over 2 years now, at the-west.net and what I have found is so typical of this company inogames.

The is quiet a good game were you start at level 1 and build your character up over time by doing jobs and completing quest, you can duel other players and enter fort battles, build a town and many more things.

So there is something for everyone,

But I am writing this to warn people of how they scam you out of money and the risks of using credit card with this company.

So I would like to explain in the game there are some premium features which you need to buy gold nuggets for then you can activate them for 14 day’s at a time or longer if you want, these will allow you to find better items earn more form your work, have more energy and some other options.

1) They have 0 security on there credit card payment system and are wide open to phishing scams and hackers.

2) once you have bought your premium they have there accounts on the game that they use to attack you with and KO you so you lose all your energy and need to sleep to recover energy meaning that for the period you need to sleep you are not gaining benefits of your premium just wasting it.

They will keep doing this all the time and if you ask there support about this they will say that if you ask them again they will ban your account.

3) they will use there in house accounts they have to try and upset you so you send mail to that account which they can say is offending mail and then ban your account 3, 5 or 7 days meaning you lose all this time of your premium that you have paid for.

these are just a few of the dirty tricks they use to make you waist your premium and there are many more that they use as well.

The support for the game is racially discriminating, and if you ever contact them they will tell you if you complain they will ban your account.



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