Is World of Warcraft Worth Paying For?

Playing World of Warcraft requires paying a monthly subscription fee. With so many other games and activities to choose from and so many other places to spend money, is paying for WoW worth it?
There are some great reasons to choose to pay for World of Warcraft. Most regular players find the game extremely entertaining. WoW offers a wide range of game play options with an easy learning curve and a large amount of other players to interact with. You can play World of Warcraft however you want: complete quests, join a guild, obtain a profession, trade with other players, go on raids or battle head to head with others. Players of the game have access to a wide range or items and weapons. New artifacts become available to the player as their character progresses, so the game remains fresh and exciting even after hundreds of hours of play. Another notable benefit of playing WoW is the chance to hone your teamwork and leadership skills as you work with others to progress in the game and unlock achievments. Collaborative game play adds an element of social engagement that multiplies all of the other features of the game.


There are some cons to playing World of Warcraft, despite the enticing benefits. The game is very time intensive. For a character to progress through the levels of the game and grow in power and abilities, the player must dedicate to dozens or even hundreds of hours game play. Players in WoW can pursue a variety of different achievements, but these achievements carry limited real-world impact. The combination of extreme amounts of time needed to play and constant character progression adds a potentially addictive element to this game. Most people enjoy WoW responsibly and without incurring damaging drawbacks. It is important to note, though, that WoW and other MMORPGs have an enormous negative impact on the lives of a minority of players. Gaming addiction is a real possiblility that should be considered before paying a monthly subscription for the game.
In the end, the decision of whether or not World of Warcraft is worth paying a monthly subscription for depends on the preferences of the individual. For some gamers who value an expansive world with an easy learning curve and social interaction, paying for WoW might be the right choice. Other people may choose to play a different game that requires less time, like Bomberman game.





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