Are you ready for a mastery? That is the real question you need to consider before even starting to look into Starcraft 2 guides. The problem is, once you begin understanding how the top players view the game and develop their strategy, you will never be able to play the same way again. Once you understand the depth, strategy, and how to control these guides, you will understand that playing your “old way” was leaving yourself completely vulnerable. You will know that the only way you were surviving before was because you had never encountered a real player. One that had already mastered a guide.

The best of these guides takes the complex and makes it simple and easy to follow. As you know with Starcraft 2, everything is dependent on something else. This is what makes the game fun. At the same time this is why you need a guide.  Just like knowing that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your strategy, your builds, your race is only strong if you have covered all your bases. The guides available online will show you how.

They usually cover the game from various perspectives. They will show you the little known aspects of each race.  As well as ways in which each will be affected by different strategies that come against it. A player with a guide will be able to spot your weaknesses and exploit them before you ever know what happened.

What is best about having these guides is they come with online video access where you can watch how the top players play. These same top players will oftentimes explain their strategy and break down every aspect of what is going on-screen. For those that ever doubted the value of these Starcraft 2 guides will have to admit that this real world application is valuable.

The guides cover build efficiency, campaign strategies, as well as easy to follow step by step walk through of each mission within the campaigns. Knowing how to maximize a top build is critical. As is having an in depth understanding of each unit. The guide shows you how to use each unit against each race and when countering another Unit. Having one of these is a necessary tool for any player that wants to be a #1 rank diamond.


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