About the Nintendo 3DS
The 3DS was launched a few days ago in Europe and America. It costs $249.99 in the states, though the European price is variable from region to region. The handheld comes packaged with all the usual gear you need to get going, plus a 2GB SD Memory Card.

How does the 3D effect (that does not require 3D glasses) work?
The console projects two images that are inclined to the left and right eyes of the player. Together, the two projections combine to create a 3D illusion. You can’t see the 3D effect from any angle, though. You need to hold the console straight in front of you, at a certain distance from your eyes (this is known as the “sweet spot”). Thankfully, the sweet spot is not too hard to achieve and there is a reasonable amount of freedom to position yourself and the console within it.

Can I play my old DS games on my 3DS?
Historically speaking, consoles tend to have very straightforward backwards compatibility. For example, when the Gameboy Advance came out, all you had to do to play your old Gameboy games was slot the cartridge in and you were good to go. Indeed, you can play old DS games on your 3DS, but it’s not as straightforward as simply slotting the game in and turning the power on. The 3DS has a different screen resolution to the DS, which means you need to change the settings on your 3DS in order to play it on the right setting.
Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fix this problem. First of all, slot the DS game in and power the 3DS on. Next, hold down the start or select button, then select the icon of the DS game you just put in. You are now playing with a correct resolution!

Any decent 3DS games coming out soon?
Yes! Nintendo has promised to release more than 30 games between late march and E3. All sorts of third-party developers have pitched in with strong titles such as Resident Evil, The Sims, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon all coming to the 3DS soon! Nintendo has also announced a string of impressive first-party games. You’ll be able to play the newest versions of Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros., Star Fox, plus Nintendo have almost finished developing their remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Classic gaming is also coming to the 3DS, in the form of the 3DS eShop. You’ll be able to download classic games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and play them in 3D vision!



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