Could the Logitech G9x be the greatest Gaming Mouse ever made?G9x Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Brutal, that’s what I called it, it’s shape is reminiscent of a Futuristic Battle Tank, complete with outer armour if you consider the interchangeable grips that come with the mouse.

G9x Technical Specifications:

Mass – 88 grams
LxWxH – 3.98″ x 2.85″ x 1.32″
Imaging Resolution – 12 Mega pixels
Max Acceleration: 30G
Polling Speed: 1000Hz
Linear Resolution: 165″/second (4.19m/sec)
Sensor Resolution: 200 – 5000 Dpi (5700 Dpi Engine)
Buttons: 7


There’s some mighty fine specifications and yes you read that last bit correctly; this mouse has a maximum resolution of 5700Dpi, the imaging sensor fitted is state-of-the-art, there is no better sensor. Of course all the facts and figures mean nothing, what really matter is what you get and how well it works.

G9x Review:G9x Review, Internal Memory

When you open the box you should find the following items;

G9x Laser Gaming Mouse
Wide Load Grip
Precision Grip
8 Weights in a nice G9x Embellished Tin
User Guide


It is at this point I must explain the interchangeable Grips as Logitech call them;

The mouse comes with 2 in the box; the Wide Load Grip, which as the name implies is quite large, I found it best for games that required less “finesse” and a Precision Grip that’s just great for First Person Shooters.

The Wide Load Grip is a Matt black colour, fairly plain and chunky looking, it suit my quite large hands well, with the Precision Grip a fair bit smaller, almost clinging to the mouse once fitted. It has a more textured surface than the Wide Load Grip, they say it’s Dry Grip Technology. For the review today I have chosen the Precision Grip.

Just like any other keen G9x Review, UseGamer with a new toy, with no thought of drivers; the crisp new USB plug wash pushed into a spare socket on the gaming rig within just a few moments of it being out of the box, Logitech claim this mouse is Plug and Play, and they are not wrong. Seconds later and the G9x was pumping, all was good.

I followed the user guide’s instructions and visited Logitech’s homepage and downloaded the Software, Setpoint 6.20 at the time of writing. (You’d have thought they could have provided a CD?) Only 18mb so not too bad, even if you’re struggling along with just a 1mb ADSL connection.

After the software installation completed I was rewarded with a screen full of customization options.

You can customize practically anything on this mouse; 6 of the 7 buttons areG9x Scroll Wheel configurable to anything your heart desires and the resolution can be altered from 200Dpi up to the mind blowing 5700Dpi, you can even do it in-game via either a mouse button or hot-key. Pointer Speed, Double Click speed and several other more usual options are also included and did you require the ability to save configuration profiles? Well, you’re in luck, this mouse has it’s own built in memory and is capable of storing your favourite 5 game profiles. So no more reconfiguring the mouse when you want to visit a friends house, just flick the switch on the bottom of the mouse and you’re good to go.

The G9x is fitted with the legendary Logitech Hyper-scroll Wheel, and they are not kidding, it spins forever. Well, perhaps not forever, but a long time, its that smooth.

Customizing the G9x;

88 grams not enough weight for you? Fear not, this mouse has that covered to, with space inside the mouse specifically to take additional weight; G9x Weight Drawerincluded with the mouse is a Tin with 8 weights in it, all very nicely machined; 4 grams and 7 gram, 4 of each and the mouse has 4 slots so it is possible to add a maximum of 28 grams. So without further messing about that’s exactly what I fitted, my arm can take the strain and the extra weight makes the mouse feel even more solid, if that were at all possible of course.

So, Customizable Buttons, Resolution, Speed and Weight, and yet there is Still even more; you can purchase extra grips from Logitech, there are plenty to choose from so you can truly make the G9x your own.

Gaming with the G9x Mouse;

The most important part of the whole review; How good is it playing games? I don’t have to be asked twice, I’m already playing.

Call of Duty 4, Crash;G9x Review Call of Duty 4

The instant I started playing I found the weight of the mouse a great help, it seemed much more positive in the way it moves on the mat, almost gliding around, the weight makes the mouse just that little harder to move, but not. It’s a very difficult sensation to describe, but a very positive one, excellent when camped as a sniper.

The mouse buttons are very clicky; they don’t need much effort to press, yet I never found myself accidentally pressing them and with the scroll wheel set as the melee attack I soon found myself a 10 kill streak. I do love the knife…

This is a corded mouse so no batteries to go flat and the cable is more than adequate in length. The G9x mouse is so good that after a couple of hours of play I actually had to force myself to the coffee machine for a rest. You could almost see the steam rising from the desk, this mouse is so good.

Modern Warfare 2, Airport, Single Player;G9x Review Modern Warfare 2

You know the scene, Speak in Russian; I found great pleasure in doing my bit, slaughtering the innocent women and children, the nearly, but not quite free G9x mouse worked perfectly throughout. Using one of the 2 buttons positioned by my thumb I was able to throw nades with such accuracy I even amazed my team mates. I even got a sticky bomb on another players head in a Team Deathmatch game. Just awesome, shame it wasn’t recorded!! Doh.

G9x Review Airport

What is the best gaming mouse? Conclusion;

G9x Review ConclusionIt’s not the cheapest mouse about by a long way, but at about $60 Dollars you can’t really go wrong, with a proper heritage making mice, Logitech have proved themselves time and again with their products, this one is no different. With so many customization options, ergonomics to die for and real game playing ability, this mouse is definitely one of the best mice currently available if you’re into gaming.



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