Hermie and Friends is a great TV show for kids and kids at heart. This popular Christian video series for children stars two caterpillar friends named Hermie and Wormie, as they go through adventures as caterpillars in the insect world.

Hermie: A Common Catterpillar

Penned by Max Lucado, the TV series was based on his book Hermie: A Common Catterpillar and came out in 2003. The pilot episode for the series went by with the same name, with Hermie going about with Wormie looking at the various creatures in their insect world and comparing themselves to such. Questions such as why they are so plain compared to the other beautiful creatures that God has created like the snail with his cool house or the ant with its super strength.

Hermie and Friends explore children’s basic questions on the curiosities that arise from one’s own plainness compared to others. The ending of the story culminates with Hermie’s transformation into a butterfly, which would imbibe in children the value of waiting out God’s special plan for us.

Other Installments of Hermie and Friends

The book and the 40 minute pilot episode garnered a lot of attention and thumbs ups, and its success drove Lucado to write other stories that explore further back into the history of other characters in the TV franchise.

Spanning over 15 episodes, including the pilot and a Christmas special, the series go on about the lives of the other creatures within Hermie’s world. There is Flo the Lyin Fly, who then teaches children the value of always telling the truth. Webster the Scaredy Spider also goes about facing his fears and gathering courage after talking to God.

The TV series draws a lot of inspiration from the bible, like when Buzby the Misbehaving Bee comes in to wreck havoc and then is enlightened by God that everyone should adhere to rules to keep peace abound. Other situations that kids might be familiar with are encountering creatures like Stanley the Stinkbug, who has no semblance of hygiene; learning how to share your blessings when you only have scarce left; practicing good manners and right conduct so as not to offend anyone; and being sensitive about other people’s feelings as in the episode with Flo the Fly hosting her own TV talk show.

Belief in God is also discussed in episodes such as Hermie and the High Seas, when they were already doubting their faith in God. Loving thy neighbor too is imparted in Hailey and Bailey’s Silly Fight, when two Love bugs have a disagreement that spreads all over the entire garden. The Christmas episode, A Fruitcake Christmas, teaches kids that the true value of Christmas is not about material things but welcoming the birth of Jesus and our salvation.

A Cartoon Perfect for Children

Having your children watch the Hermie and Friends series will definitely help you raise your children enlightened as good children of God. With the values and lessons instilled in each episode, they are sure to learn how to be a good person at a young age, inside and out.

Also teach your children and fellow church mates about the Bible verses about strength.


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