No 3D glasses needed :)

The newest game console of Nintendo is called the Nintendo 3DS (abbreviated to 3DS).
The coolest and most unique feature of this game console is that it has an ability to produce 3D
(3 dimensional) effects without the need of special glasses.

The game console was released in Japan on 26th February 2011, in Europe it was released on 25th March 2011, in North America on 27th March 2011 and Australia on 31st March 2011.

It is a 3D console, but you can also play older games from the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo DSi XL.
Also you can turn the 3D effect off, if you want to play a game on normal mode.

With the 3DS it is also possible, because of the 2 camera’s on the front (3 in total), to make 3D pictures of yourself or someone/something else!



Activity Log:
The Activity Log is tracking game play and physical activity. This is encouraging to walk and move more. The Activity Log is counting every step taken with the 3DS, and you can earn Play Coins with this. These coins can be used to get special content of a game or an application for the 3DS.

Backward Compatibility:
The Nintendo 3DS is backward compatible with the software of the Nintendo DS and DSi. However, it isn’t compatible with DS software that needs

The Nintendo 3DS

the use of a GameBoy Advance (Very old gameboy) port. Nintendo DS and DSi software cannot be played with 3D visuals on the 3DS.
The original resolutions of the DS are displayed on scale and are stretched due to the fact that the 3DS has a higher resolution then the DS and DSi. BUT, if the user holds down the START and SELECT buttons when launching the DS software, the displays will be at the DS’s normal resolution, but smaller with black stripes at the borders.

Messaging Service:
This service allows you to send and receive messages from your friends on your friendlist via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
When you receive a message, the 3DS will alert you with a LED light on the side.

StreetPass and SpotPass:
This system is supporting multiplayer gameplay through a local wireless connection or via the Internet. Expanding upon the connectivity of the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo 3DS has an ‘always on’ background connectivity system that trademarks suggested was named ‘CrossPass’,which can automatically search and connect to wireless networks such as Wi-Fi hotspots and sending and downloading information in the background while it is in sleeping mode or while you are playing a game. In Nintendo’ September 29 conference, the Western names of the CrossPass Tag Mode service would be StreetPass and SpotPass, SpotPass is the ability for the 3DS to search Wi-Fi signals and automatically download content while in sleeping mode and StreetPass being the passive communication between 3DS systems by users, for example sharing of your Mii avatars.

Video Content:
It is also possible to play (3D) videos on your 3DS. There are no real titles being mentioned to be shown on the 3DS yet.
Probally the next movies will be available to watch on the 3DS, because there was a trailer for the 3DS: How to Train your Dragon, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and Tangled.

Internet Browsing:
Nintendo announced that in the future there will be an internet browser available. It can access WEP and WPA access points. The browsing will probally be available in the next update, which is expected to be in May.

Mii’s are avatars which are already on the Wii. Now you can also create them on your Nintendo 3DS :) There is a Mii Maker on your 3DS and you can import your Mii from your Wii, but unfortunately not vica versa, and you can make your Mii by taking a picture with one of the camera’s on the 3DS.


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