Does it come as much of a surprise that Modern Warfare 3 is busting through records and proving to be the most successful first-person shooter game ever? Fans of the game probably don’t think so, but to others the numbers can be a bit dizzying. It’s pretty fair to say that Modern Warfare 3 is the best game of its kind in history, grossing over $770 million in only five days. According to Activision, that makes it the best-selling video game ever.

But that’s not all. The release of Modern Warfare 3 is even shattering records that no one would have ever thought possible… we’re talking about Hollywood blockbuster movies. We’re talking about a game that is making more money and selling better than even the hottest movies of all time. Take Dark Knight for example. It’s the top five-day earner (Box Office Mojo) with pulling in $204 million in five days. Not even close to what MW3 has pulled in.

It’s obvious that Activision has a lot to be happy about. Of course, how things will pan out for the lifetime of sales is yet to be seen. Take a look at some of these astonishing figures:

The play time that was logged for Modern Warfare 3 was 19 percent more than Black Ops, which was very successful itself. Black Ops logged 5.9 million play hours the first day, while MW3 logged over 7 million hours of play time the first day.

Black Ops had 2.6 million unique gamers on their first day. MW3 beat this too, with 3.3 million.

Perhaps one of the most impressive stats is that Modern Warfare set a new record for their franchise for the number of players they had logged on to the PlayStation Network and playing at the same time on the first day. That’s a lot of people!

Just looking at the numbers, is wildly successful. If you look at the industry expert’s reviews, you would also assume the game is just out of this world. It blasted out of the gates with head-spinning numbers, but can it last?

Maybe. Maybe not. Gamers were anxiously waiting for this release from Activision. But after getting into the game, a lot of them aren’t so happy about what they got. There are hundreds of Xbox 360 gamers that have posted their reviews and in-game reports… most of which aren’t shining a very good light on MW3 at all. One user even goes so far as to say that the franchise scarred way beyond repair. Another says it’s time to just “hang it up”.

Have you played ? What are your thoughts?



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