Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Tips and TricksIf you ever have played an online shooter game, like Call of Duty, you should know it can get very competitive. There are a lot of factors, which seperate the good players from the bad ones (noobs). If you play 24/7, it is still possible that someone who plays 2 hours a day can easilly defeat you. This is because he can aim much better then you can! In the post below, we I’ll give you some more information, on how the good players are seperated from the bad ones, in Call of Duty Black Ops!

Die Less And Stay Longer Alive.
To die as little as possible, is of course one of the most important, and maybe the most important factor when playing a shooter game like Call of Duty Black Ops. Especially in the game type where your deaths will be added to the opponents score.
But how to die less?  Is it usefull to know when you have to use which weapon. And in which other situation you’ll have to use the other one.
There are also other factors, which are usefull like knowing all the maps, which is explained in the next topic.

Knowing All The Maps Of Call Of Duty Black Ops.
To get away from the noobs, and join the top players of Black Ops, you have to know all the maps in the game. You need to know them all, not just a few, and you need to know everything about the map, not just some places. This is important, because you’ll know in every situation where to hide, and maybe where you’re enemies are hiding for you. This will also let you think like an opponent, but will also predict their actions!
To predict what your enemy is going to do, is one of the hardest things, but also one of the effectives ones!
The next factor, the game types, is explained in the next topic.

Knowing All The Game Types.
There is a broad and wide number of different game styles/types in Black Ops. Each game type requires a different and special play style, when it comes to to which weapon to use where, and how to navigate through the maps. As an example, you can’t play a Search and Destroy match the same as you would play a Team Death Match. Each game type has it’s own tips and tricks to use, and you’ll have to find them out! Study all the game types and their rules, to understand which strategy would be the best for you. It is also important to how each type is played on the map, because, as you might already know, different game types will have different objects at different parts of the same map in all the game types.

I hope you’ll have learned from this, you can also of course use this for other online shooter games, or of course just shooter games like which aren’t online. And also for all the other online Call of Duty games!



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