Now-a-days computer has become a part of the family in every home. They are just like any other member in the family. And like every one has a problem of its own, so does our friend computer too has some problems. Sometimes the error is so great that you have no option but to format you PC and sometimes the errors are so small that you can fix it, only if you had known how to do it.

Common error

There are many common errors in the computer that arises frequently. Among them is the dll file error. It is a problem which can be rectified if only you had known the ways to do it. So I am going to tell you how to fix dll file. But before that we will look into the reasons and what is dll file.

DLL file

It stands for Dynamic Link Library. It is like any other library which stores important data for the proper functioning of the OS and to run various programs. If your dll file is corrupted then an error message will appear displaying that the file is missing.


Many are the reasons for the dll file to be corrupted. Some of them are listed below.

  • It might have been uninstalled
  • The file must have been overwritten
  • It must have been corrupted while installing an illegal program
  • Due to corrupted disk

Fix dll file

The best idea to fix dll file would be to uninstall it thoroughly and again install the missing file. You need not worry about how to install it in your system as there is software available in the market to do it automatically which can be downloaded for free. All you have to do is install them in your system and let it do the work.

Another important thing will be to run a registry cleaner as this will also help in the being corrupted in future.

Correcting an error in you PC may not be so difficult only if you knew the right software to install and use them appropriately.


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