Online Remote Backup services are a dime a dozen, however SugarSync is the exception here because it provides a truly unique and interesting service, the one thing that makes SugarSync online remote backup service unique from other is that it’s ability to sync user files from multiple machines, so if you’re someone who works on files from a laptop and a desktop like myself, then SugarSync will upload a file you’ve worked on immediately after you’ve saved it and then upload it onto the server, then when you boot up your desktop machine, it will download the changed file from SugarSync, voila!

SugarSync combines powerful features, valuable plans, and versatility in this spectacular offsite backup service. SugarSync is simple, but powerful, all you do is select which files should be stored online and SugarSync will automatically remember to send the updated versions of the files to the server as and when they are changed. The files are stored offsite via a secure connection, and can be accessed by virtually any device that has an internet connection and web browser. Not only does SugarSync have every feature you’d want from an online storage solution, they also have some innovative advanced features, features include online sharing and synching between multiple computers and smartphones and more.

Not only does SugarSync store the files on a secure server but SugarSync mobilises them to allow you to share them anywhere, but it allows you to share them with anyone without anu file size restrictions. They also have an great integrated file versioning which means that you can revert to an older version of the file in case you omit important information in later versions.

For sharing files with friends and colleagues you can even require them to enter a special access code for an extra level of security.

SugarSync is by far the best online storage solution if you share documents and require data to be synchronised between two machines.

Prices are reasonable, a mere $4.99 a month for 35GB of online backup space, which is more than enough for backing up your most important data.

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  1. Clive says:

    SugarSync is ok, I prefer dropbox, I have 16GB free space with them because I have so many referrals

    • says:

      well the thing with dropbox is that it uses it’s own folder structure so you have to pick between storing files in your libraries or storing them in the dropbox folder in my computer.

      The problem is windows is so optimised to store everything in my documents that it becomes annoying to keep redirecting windows dialogue boxes to the dropbox folder when trying to open/save files.


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