CUCM was formerly called Cisco unified call manager and CCM (Cisco call manager) is a call processing system that was created by Cisco Systems. Cisco systems are a multinational company based in America. Apart from Cisco implementing Cisco unified communications manager, Cisco is also the provider of all Cisco IT technologies. The software is developed to track all lively voice over IP grid parts consisting of gateways, conference, bridges, transcoding resources, voice mail boxed and phones. Considering the functionalities of Cisco it is therefore clear that the certification is a highly significant one; place alongside the great advantage that communications plays in the world, certification in Cisco unified communications manager is a very relevant one.

The need for CUCM certification is very relevant as it helps to conduct tracking on the Voip technology. Voice over internet protocol is a kind of hardware and software devices that facilitates the use of the internet through adopting the telephone medium in sending voice information using IP instead of the old communication of the PSTN. Right in the middle of this whole process is the Cisco unified communications manager. Cisco unified communications system documentation strongly connects voice, video and other data application towards executing intelligent network communications solutions. The technicality of CUCM largely involves voice messaging, full media conferencing, customer contact solutions and IP video broadcasting.

Cisco unified communications manager evolution

Like everything on earth CUCM also have a starting point as far back into 1997 exactly 13 year ago this IT application was called Selsius – Callmanager a voice conferencing resolution that was later converted to system basically created to transmit voice call over an IP network. The transformation did not just stop at that, it heralds in inventions like the SCCP (Skinny client control protocol) and the SGCP (skinny gateway control protocol) where the other devices that came with the conversion.

: Implementing CUCM for TelePresence Video Solutions, After this initial introduction another version was introduced in 1998 – Selsius callmanager 2.0. The 2000 Cisco callmanager 3.0 replaced the Selsius tag because during the 2.0 callmanager version in 1998, Cisco took over the system hence the reason for the addition of Cisco to the tag.

Each evolution of CUCM underwent very interesting phases, each time new features where added to it. For instance the 2001 Cisco callmanager was upgraded and thus have more gateways than the last two versions, and they are: music on hold, addition of digital interfaces, XML and HTML interfaces in Cisco IP phones, mobility extension etc.

Implementation of CUCM
642-278: Implementing CUCM for TelePresence Solutions


The Cisco Unified communications manager v8 actually evolved from the Selsius – callmanager after going through diverse transformation stages, published in 2010. The current version of Cisco call manager is fitted with very advance upgrades highly suitable with windows XP, but not compatible with internet explorer 8 and windows 7.

CUCM services/operations

The version of the Cisco unified communications manager set in motion all gateways that transmits calls to the IP network. It is installed on MCS – Cisco approved server. Capable of managing about  thirty thousand IP phones adopting twenty servers consisting of a TFTP, nine intermediaries resource servers and 8 subscribers.

Cisco unified communications manager is a device that enables the ease experience in the communication industry and it is controlled by Cisco systems. You can prepare yourself for 225-030 Exam together with , fabulous practice exam software. Training material intended for Cisco 642-278 exam includes everything required.


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