IBM professional certification can be stated as both journey and destination. It lays a platform for skilled IT professionals to exhibit and demonstrate their expertise to the whole world. IBM certifications list comprises of many varied interests pertaining to the latest IBM solutions and technologies.

The certifications requirements pose some difficulties, but it’s not a rocket science. Rigorous approach and determination in the acquirement of IBM certifications are essential to obtain one.

The main theme behind IBM professional certifications is to:

  • Provide a valid, fair and reliable method of judging skills and knowledge.
  • Provide IBM a method to build and validate the skills of IT professionals
  • Develop a society of highly skilled and committed professionals towards their organization.

Many levels in the IBM certifications list exist, such as software, hardware, solutions and others like manufacturing, infrastructure and learning. They are as follows.

IBM Certified SOA Associate: This is an entry level certification to test individuals, who work on SOA projects, such as technical sales people, architects, sales people, application developers, administrators, project managers, business integrators and others. Test 000-669 – SOA Fundamentals is the exam required to pass in order to obtain this certification

IBM Certified Administrator – Cognos 8 BI: The administrator certified with this certification holds the main responsibility in supervising and administering content and servers. He can also be able to participate as an important member of the team. To obtain this certification, professionals are required to possess the skills regarding Recommended Prerequisite skills and should pass any one of the following exams.

  • Test BI0-120 – Cognos 8 BI Administrator
  • Test BI0-122 – IBM Cognos 8 BI Administrator
  • Test COG-122 – IBM Cognos 8 BI Administrator
  • Test COG-121 -

Recommended prerequisite skills are the skills pertaining to knowledge about Web application server architectures and security systems administration, and experience in the usage of windows operating system and a web browser.

IBM Certified Application Developer – WebSphere Transformation Extender V8.2: This is an intermediate level of and is intended for application developers, who analyze, develop, design, test, and deploy WebSphere Transformation Extender V8.2 data transformation. Familiarity in data and programming model for websphere transformation extender, methods for connecting to data sources, and common mapping and modelling techniques is observed in the process of acquiring this certification.

This certification also includes:

  • WebSphere Transformation Extender product architecture
  • Creating & using type trees
  • Creating complex transformations
  • Testing & organizing maps
  • Identifying and correcting errors
  • Optimizing type trees and maps for performance
  • Using WebSphere Transformation Extender with adapters

Test required for this certification is only one, namely test 000-349 – IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender V8.2, Application Development

IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Commerce V6.0: To obtain this certification, one should have profound knowledge on primary installations, configurations, and maintenance of e-commerce sites using IBM websphere commerce V6.0. Individual has to pass Test 000-216 – IBM WebSphere Commerce V6.0 Administration to get this certification.

IBM Certified Solution Developer – DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer: Professionals with significant experience in intermediate and advanced level expertise in developing DB2 stored procedures, triggers, and user defined functions can opt for this certification. Its recommended prerequisite skills are DB2 SQL procedural language and knowledge in IBM Data Studio.

Two Tests are required for obtaining this certification and they are,

Any 1 of the following tests:

  • Test 000-700 – DB2 V8.1 Family Fundamentals
  • Test 000-730 – DB2 9 Family Fundamentals
  • Test 000-735 – DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer

Many more exist in the IBM certifications list and some of them are,

  • IBM Certified Sales Specialist – Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX – v1
  • IBM Certified Specialist – Storage Sales V2
  • IBM Certified Specialist – System x Sales V5
  • IBM Certified Specialist – System z Solution Sales v5

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To get a complete coverage on the IBM certifications  and their examination costs, one can refer website.


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