A lot of people are not aware of the power of guest posting and how it will be possible generating more traffic than the usual article submission.  You might not be aware the power of blog and how it will generate a lot of traffic for your website.  The good thing about this is that blog links have higher Page Rank rate as compared to other types of links. This will be the main reason that you should check guest posting.  If you might not have known this yet, it is time for you to check some of the alternatives that you can use in order to leverage the ranking of your website.

For sure, one thing that you always want to take advantage is the method that gives you the maximum result.  There can’t be no other method to do so than providing blog post which will give you back link to your website.  If you want to take advantage of this, you got to start working your way and make way for a maximum result through guest blog posting.  But before that, it is always good to check some of the advantages between article submission and guest blog posting. Through this, you will be able to make good decision as to which internet campaign you would want to pursue.

How Article Submission Generate Traffic

If you are considering article submission, you must have pointed some of the following advantages about it. However, there are also some disadvantages in utilizing article submission. Here are some of those advantages and disadvantages you get if you consider article submission:

1.)    Pros:  Lets you expose your article to a higher stream of traffic. Indeed, when you submit to article submission websites, you will be able to afford yourself to get expose to higher traffic.

Cons: While you might expose your article to the higher traffic, however, the chances of getting back those traffics might be reduced. The reason for this is that some people might be hesitant to click the back link.

2.)    Pros: You can submit articles easily. All you have to do is to go through their article guidelines and you will be able to publish them if it meets their requirements.

Cons: While publishing might be easy, however it will remain as static. This is one of the disadvantages of article submission as this will not let you update it in real time. If you do, it will have to go through the article guidelines again which is already tasking in your end.

3.)    Pros:  You can establish credibility if you submit to article submission websites.

Cons: Although you can establish credibility, however, you might not able to give a more personal touch in your articles. If you want to leverage in your articles, it would be much better to make it more personalized and at the same time have a personal touch.

How Guest Blog Posting Creates Traffic

If you have been making blog postings lately, here are some advantages you can get:

  1. Blog postings have higher Page Rank rate. This means that your back links will get chances of getting higher ranking as compared to article submission
  2. Guest blog posting will let you connect with other bloggers. At the same time it will also introduce you to their audiences. This is one way that you can take advantage. As bloggers want to update their blogs, it will be in their advantage and at the same time it will also add a different posts in their blog which is a departure from the routine ones.
  3. Guest posting can be propagated easily. This is one of the reasons guest posting is the convenient way of publishing articles. Through “Share Buttons”, it can be easily posted on different social network accounts. Also, blog posts can be send to feeds which also generates a lot of traffic to the the blog. Through this, you can generate a lot of traffic in many ways that you can imagine. Looking for  exam help? Let’s take advantage of Self Test Engine self paced  training and pass your IT exams on first try.

Stark Comparison: Guest Posting Vs. Article Submission

  • Guest posting is now ranked higher in Page Rank because Google is relying on the dynamics of the blogs and not just static information. Through guest posting, search engine will look into different human reactions which can be done through blogs.
  • Guest posting can connect you to more audience than article submission. The fact is that you could be able to connect a blogger’s audience who might want to check what      you got in your blog. And since it is important to create network, you can win friends with many bloggers who might connect some post to your blog or to your website.
  • Guest posting can be shared easily through different social networks. The “Share Button” can be very helpful in your blogs. As compared to article submission, blog posts can be feed immediately to RSS Feeders which is an advantage to your end.  This is   different with article submission as you have to wait for the articles to be published and approved by editors before they can be online.

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