BANG, and with a small puff of smoke that 1st generation flatscreen TV you not so recently purchased has forced you to buy a New, much Cheaper now, cheap LCD tv or Plasma TV. So, cap in hand to the wife, you explain the dire situation;

Cheap LCD TV

Best Cheap LCD TV?

Can you imagine, I bet you can.

Superbowl Sunday and no TV?
Eh up ; no Coronation street tonight luv, if you’re from Liverpool?
No, You’re going to buy a New TV.

Cheap LCD or Plasma TV

How to decide which  best Cheap LCD TV to buy though because TV’s now; Well, they come in many different varieties and sizes, did you know you can buy a 150″ Plasma?

You’ll see terms like;

LCD TV, OLED Screen, Plasma TV, Projection, 3dTV, Digital Tuner, 100hz, HDMI, USB, Internet Ready, Ultra Bright, LED and the list goes on and on. It’s just so much too take in.

What you need to do is ignore all the jargon to begin with and ask yourself just FIVE questions about this “new” cheap LCD TV.

  1. How much can you spend?
  2. Do you have young children?
  3. Do you play games on a PS3 or similar?
  4. The main use for the TV?
  5. The size of your room?

Looking for the Best Cheap LCD TV? Read my Samsung UN40C6300 Review.

Each question has its reasoning, as I will now explain.

Question 1. How much can you spend?

Obviously this is one of the main deciding factors, the larger sets with more features cost more. Many people opt to spread the cost of even a cheap lcd tv on their credit card or similar.

Question 2. Do you have young children?

A seemingly odd question, but 10 years in the TV Repair business has taught me one thing, cheap LCD TV’s are NOT very strong, well, not the screen anyway, and I guess it does not actually matter if they are cheap or not. It does not take very much of an impact on the screen to cause it too became a useless spiders web attached to your wall. I have a 3 year old and a 4 year old, they both have small soft plastic toy hammers… AKA Handy Manny? Ring any bells…

Plasma TV’s on the other hand are much more robust, I have seen a ladder hit one square in the front with no damage.

If you are hanging it on the wall this will not be so much of an issue… (Do you have any balls? – No pun intended if you’re a man)

Question 3. Do you play games on a PS3 or similar?

If you do then you should opt for the highest resolution possible. Resolution being the number of tiny dots that make up the picture. The current optimum resolution is 1080p, this is also currently referred to as Full HD. This used to be the Realm of LCD sets, but now Plasma TV’s have equalled their LCD brethren in image processing speed and resolution.

Question 4. The main use for the TV?

May seem obvious, but if you spend most of your time watching Movies and DVD’s then there is little point in spending more on features you would never use. Features like a Satellite Tuner or USB? You may want 3DTV or Internet Access Built in. This is where you decide which features are most important to you.

Question 5. The size of your room?

TV’s now come in sizes from well under 15″ right up to 150″, the TV needs to suit the room. If you have a 5m x 4m TV Room, then there is little point in purchasing a 60″ set, it just won’t look right, a 60″ set is designed for viewing from a distance of about 6 meters. Likewise, if you have a large, 10m x 8m viewing area, then a 21″ is going to be dwarfed.

The most common sizes sold are 32″, 40″, 42″ and 50″.

Do You NEED a Cheap LCD TV?

Time for a change?

Now the best Cheap LCD TV‘s come with a variety of options, here are just a few of the tasty morsels that can be included in a cheap LCD TV today.

  1. Internet Access built in perhaps?
  2. How about Digital TV or Satellite, Multiple Tuners? Can you receive it?
  3. How about a built in Digital Video Recorder, 200GB, 1TB?
  4. 3D TV?
  5. USB Sockets, Memory Card Readers?
  6. How about Wi-fi? Built in Computer?

The Plasma TV is another great choice, expecially if you have young children.

The unfortunate truth is though, the more of the above options you add, then that cheap LCD TV ceases to be cheap anymore. It would probably be the best cheap lcd tv though.



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