Blue microphone was founded in 1995 by Martins Saulespurens. Martin is well known as a great musician and recording engineer in USA. Today Blue Microphone designs and produces the best mic microphone, recording tools, signal processors and music accessories for audio professionals, musician and consumers. It also manufactures USB microphones along with the Blue Yeti, Eyeball 2.0 and the HD webcam. Each microphone produced by Blue Company is compatible with Mac and Windows PCs. And surprisingly, there is no need of driver installation.

Blue Yeti Mic Microphones:  Offering the variety

The primary function of microphone is to provide sound recognition. There are a variety of microphones to choose from and the most commonly used one is handset microphone which is the best mic microphone. A USB microphone connects to the USB port on the system instead of a sound card. Most of the USB microphones serve the minimum need of requirement of sound recognition however they may not be better than analog microphone. A good analog microphone with a good sound card can produce better results than a USB microphone.  Today a variety of best USB microphone is available in the market serving different purpose.

Some technical issues

Certain limitation with USB microphone is that the only suitable converters are available for mic microphones from Blue are of 18 bit instead of 24 bit. This means that there has to be a strong signal to make effective use of the USB microphone. Another thing is that many of the DAW specialists expects both input/output signals from device drivers but the driver offers only input signals.  Similarly there are other technical limitations too.

Blue Yeti Reviews: What users say

The Blue yeti review has been both good as well as a bit bad. The blue yeti can be a top choice of consumers because of its sound quality, integrated gain control and four recording modes and other technical qualities. Whether one is recording an interview or a concert it has given its best results. However on the other hand it has certain limitations. It is neither portable nor subtle plus the wobbly plastic knobs effect’s its durability. In short the Blue yeti is one of the richest sounding, sonically flexible microphone but its large size makes it inconvenient for portable application as read across different Blue yeti reviews.


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