The ubiquitous iPod has been around for many years, and with it some of the worlds Best iPod Docking Stations. The humble iPod has grown from the humble, clunky music player released in the last dying gasps of a very unlucky company to the Gadget of choice made by the multinational Corporation that is now Apple. Eat your Heart out Sony….

best ipod docking stations

Best iPod Docking Stations

Best iPod Dock?

Steve Jobs, Apple’s longstanding CEO has had it tough, in both business and personal health, but, though it all he has come up with a product that appeals to the masses and has sold hundreds of millions of units over the many years the iPod has been in production.

Now, if you have an iPod and you want to make full use of it’s features, especially the later models with video capability and wi-fi, it pays to use it with a docking station. It is so much easier to just pop it into a Sync Dock and sync your music and files than messing about with cables, usb ports and the like. You don’t want just ‘any’ docking station, you want the best iPod dock you can find, without paying out a fortune.

The current Best iPod Docking Stations can be broken down into a number of models, dependant really on the features that you require. Some models come complete with speakers and a built in alarm clock, others just sync with your PC. The main features to look out for are;

  • Charging capability (Some can charge multiple iPods at the same time)
  • Synchronization with your PC or Mac
  • Speakers, so you can use it like a Jukebox, without headphones
  • Viewing Angle, so you can watch clips.

Does the Best iPod Dock have to be aesthetically pleasing? Oh yes.

There is just 1 dock that fits nicely into the above description and boy is it a good deal. Less than $20 !! We think it’s the best ipod dock of 2011.

Best iPod Docking Station

Best iPod Dock

The Sinjimoru Sync Dock, manufactured in South Korea.

It is such a simple curved design, it actually looks as though it was made by Apple, so futuristic, contemporary and chic. It does not include speakers however at such a low price it really is hard to complain.

Did I say it was only $20 BUCKS. (The best ipod dock on the web too)

Sync, Charge & View in one tiny package, simple to use, great viewing angle, accept the standard OEM Apple Cable or Generic Cables.

Plus, It suits EVERY iPod Made, and EVERY iPhone including the New iPhone 5, due very soon….

Have you seen the Apple Universal Dock?

Watch this space for more information on the best ipod dock of 2011. Technology changes so fast.



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