As is the case with every product on the market these days, it’s possible to get a fantastic quality, excellently performing HDMI switch, and it’s also quite possible to get a cheap, nasty, badly performing HDMI switch, for around the same price.

So how do you know that what you’re getting is of acceptable quality? Well – there are a few factors you need to look at.

  • If the unit is made of plastic, then it’s obviously a cheap unit, and the designer hasn’t really put much thought into it. A quality HDMI switch will be encased in metal – this is one of the most obvious signs of durability, however the main advantage of this feature is to shield the electronics inside from electrical interference – a HDMI signal’s arch nemesis!
  • Make sure the connectors are 24k Gold Plated. Gold plating helps a lot with conductivity – this enables an easier path for the signal to travel across, resulting in a stronger, better quality signal at the other end of the cable. Gold plating also helps keep the unit in working  order for a longer time than non-gold-plated units. This is because gold plating resists corrosion much stronger than the conventional nickel plated connectors seen on lower qwuality models.
  • Check the version of HDMI supported. If you’ve got a fancy-pants television capable of displaying high definition signals, you’ll need to make sure that the version of HDMI supported by the switch is going to be able to cope with what you want to do with your television.
  • Check on the HDMI switch’s specifications. Sometimes, you may find that it just wont suit you, by the details written on the box.
  • Input/Output cable length – If you’re going to be running a long distance cable to or from the HDMI switch, you’ll need to make sure the HDMI switch will be capable of efficiently utilising these long cables. If it isn’t designed for long cables, your HDMI signal will not be strong enough. A Quality HDMI switch will offer an input length of 10m, and an output length of 10m. Most switches will only offer 5m either way.
  • Power adaptor – First, check if the power adaptor is designed fro your country. Second, if it doesn’t use a power adaptor, it may not have built-in amplifiers and error-correction which assists with the problems associated with longer cables.

Hopefully this is arms you with enough questions to ask your salesman when you’re searching for a HDMI Switch. It’s not hard to find the best HDMI switch for your needs, you just need to know what to look for.


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