Having content on your site is no longer enough to have you appear on the top of search engine result pages. More than subject matter is the relevance of the material included as pertains to the site’s products and services. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and Ask.com are looking for a site whose content not only draws people but also meets some preset requirements that have been by laid down. To help web owners, especially those who have a WordPress blog, there is a guide or a checklist that ensures all avenues are covered prior to uploading any content onto the site.

Understanding WordPress Blog

WordPress blog is a universally used and preferred platform for blogging that is free and very easy to use. It does not require one to be tech savvy to use it and it comes equipped with pretty much everything one may need to make their sites’ blog functional. This includes pages, layouts, plugins, widgets and themes. However, even with the ease in use of this open source platform, there are a few key points to note when uploading the blogs so as to ensure they are search engine optimized. These include;

  • Use of keywords – This has been stressed upon over and over by search engines as they use this to rank a site and they give priority to sites that have relevant keywords. These can appear in the URL or permalinks, in the title tag, in the images and in the meta-description. The number of times the keyword appears is also crucial.
  • Use of links – These can be backlinks, deep links or interlinks on your site. These help in drawing targeted traffic to your site and constantly providing information that is necessary or that can be used for reference purposes.
  • Images – These enhance a blog page and give more credit to the information provided. Ensure you add relevant descriptive text to the image with the keyword included.
  • Use of sitemaps – These are navigational maps that help consumers as well as search engines find the way on the different pages of your blog site.

Benefits of SEO Checklist

The above listed checklist is beneficial in a WordPress blog for a number of reasons, namely;

  • Page ranking – The use of keywords improves the rank of one’s site. To guarantee returns from the sites products, services or information, it is necessary to rank at the top of search engine pages, especially Google which has at least 85% traffic on a daily basis. However, the right keywords need to be used and in the required density. Over stuffed keywords will have you penalized by search engines and the wrong keyword will see you get no traffic to your site.
  • Relevant traffic – When you create links to your blog, you open up to a wider consumer base. Whether you are using deep links, which are links that are connected to a specific product, or backlinks, which are links on other sites that lead back to your page, the motive is to draw relevant traffic that translates into a sale. Interlinking helps keep your site connected and the information included applicable which is important for consumers who may want to back track on something on the site. Looking for  exam help? Let’s take advantage of Self Test Engine  exams training and pass your IT exams on first try.
  • Better visibility – Sitemaps makes it easier for consumers as well as search engines to navigate your site. These maps are like direction givers and enable visitors on the site to easily find what they are looking for. They also aid you, the site owner, in cataloging your sites content thus improving your rank on search engines.
  • Adhering to the checklist is advantageous because bottom line, a site is intended to produce results in the form of sales and high returns.

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