The Apple Universal Dock,

Apple Universal Dock

Apple have up until now produced some of the most desirable technology mankind has ever conceived. The iPod’s rise to stardom was both rapid and unending, stomping on the likes of Sonys Walkman in the process.

Apple enjoys the status of a company almost beyond reproach; it has die hard fans, loyal to the last minute, some of whom willingly queue in the cold and rain just so they can be the first to handle the new iDevice.

Up until now, with each and every technological advancement Apple made, and with each new iDevice developed and marketed came the need to provide a simple charge and syncronisation method, an item we call an iPod Dock.

The Apple Universal Dock

OK, we’re calling it an iPod Docking Station but in all truth that is an inaccurate name, Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO & Founder calls it an Apple Universal Dock. This dock does not ONLY fit the iPod range, it also fits the iPhone via the use of interchangeable “Dock Adapters”.

The Apple Universal Dock is compatible with any Apple Device with a Dock Connector, for Example;

iPod Nano – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Generations 

Apple Universal Dock

Apple Universal Dock

iPod Mini – 1st & 2nd Generations
iPod – All Generations
iPod Classic – All Generations
iPod Photo
iPod Video – All Models
iPod Touch
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 5

The Apple Universal Dock really does cover them all, and of course, unlike some aftermarket docks, you know your iPod or iPhone is going to fit and work as Apple intended.

One thing’s for sure, this is a really nice looking dock, understated like most Apple products, designed with not only functionality in mind, but also aesthetic appeal. Contemporary yet elegant. Even the Apple Remote Control, an optional extra, looks as though it’s been through the Apple design engine a number of times.

The Apple Universal Dock

The Apple Universal Dock is easy to use, it really is Plug and Play. Connect it to either your iMac or PC for the ability to Both Charge and Synchronise your iPod or iPhone, or plug it into your AC Adapter, for Rapid Charging via the Mains.

In the Box you will find the Apple universal Dock, 5 Dock Adapters & a User Manual.

In Conclusion, the Apple Universal Dock, whilst not the cheapest Ipod Docking Station available, it is certainly one of the best. Capable of suiting practically every iPod and iPhone ever produced, coupled with Apples legendary build quality, make this THE Best iPod Dock Station to Own.



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