In Pokemon, you have to obtain all the Gym Badges (8) in order to go to the Elite Four and the Champion and become the best of all :)

In Pokémon Black & White, your first gym leader depends on your chosen Pokemon in the beginning of your adventure

You have trained your Pokémon, so no you are going to fight the first gym.

1st Gym:

Location: Striaton City
Gym Leader: Cilan, Chili, Cress
Specialty: Grass-type, Fire-type & Water-type
Reward: Trio Badge, TM83, Can use HM01 – Cut

In Striaton City, you’ll find your first gym.

When you have picked Snivy as your first Pokémon, Chili will be your opponent.
He will have a Lillipup of level 12, and a Pansear of level 14.

When you have picked Tepig as your first Pokémon, Cress will be your opponent.
She will have a Lillipup of level 12 and a Pansage of level 14.

When you have picked Oshawott as your first Pokémon, Cilan will be your opponent.
Cilan has a Lillipup of level 12 and a Panpour of level 14.

My TIP to beat this gym leader:
When you arrive in Striaton City, I advise you to go to the top right corner and enterthe DreamYard. Then you have to defeat two trainers. Then talk to the man, and you’ll receive a Pansear, Pansage or a Panpour. You will get the one who is weak to your first Pokémon:
Snivy => Panpour
Tepig => Pansage
Oshawott => Pansear.
The Pokémon you have received, will probally beat the Gym Leader 1. Because his attack is super effective.

How to get to the Gym Leader:
On the curtains, you will see a fire/water/grass logo. Then step on the right button (fire/grass/water) what will be super effective to the logo on the curtain (So when it is red(=fire) you step on blue (=water) ).

2nd Gym:

Location: Nacrene City
Gym Leader: Lenora
Specialty: Normal-type
Reward: Badge, TM67

In Nacrene City, you’ll find your next Gym Leader; Lenora.
She is the director of the Museum, and the Gym Leader. The will fight you with normal Pokémon.

The Pokémon Lenora has:
Herdier level 18.
Watchog level 20.

My TIP to beat this Gym Leader:
When you are in Nacrene City, go to the west where Pinwheel Forest is. You can’t enter the forest, because Team Plasma members are blocking your way, but you can go down. So go down there and search in the (thick) grass for Fight Pokémon. And you’ll probally find a Timburr, Throh or Sawk. I recommend to search in the thick grass, because the Pokémon levels are higher.
So now you have a Fight Pokemon, and Fight attacks are super-effective to Normal Pokémon.

How to get to the Gym Leader:
You are in a library, so you have to read the books :). In the books you have to read, there will be a memo which will tell you what to do next/gives you a question which you have to solve. Good luck :-)

3rd Gym:

Location: Castelia City
Gym Leader: Burgh
Specialty: Bug-type
Reward: Beetle Badge, TM76

In Castelia City, you’ll find your 3rd Gym.

The Pokémon Burgh has:
Whirlipede level 21
Dwebble level 21
Leavanny level 23

My TIP to beat this Gym Leader:
I unfortunatelly don’t have a real tip to give you to beat this gym leader. Only when you have chosen the Fire Pokémon or the Water Pokemon (which gives you a Fire Pokemon described at the first gym) you have to train them, because they can handle the gym leader. If you don’t have one, go to route 4 and find a Darumaka.
For the grass/bug Pokémon (Leavanny) you can also use a Flying Pokémon.

How to get to the Gym Leader:
The puzzle within Castelia City is a simple bug-esque puzzle featuring honey. However, you can only get into the gym after you have followed Burgh to the Harbor of Castelia City to check and discuss Team Plasma and then fight them off. The puzzle here is to get through the honey goo to access switches to create a path.

4th Gym:

Location: Nimbasa City
Gym Leader: Elesa
Specialty: Electric-type
Reward: Bolt Badge, TM72

You’ll find the 4th Gym in Nimbasa City.

The Pokémon of Elesa:
Emolga level 25
Emolga level 25
Zebstrika level 27

My TIP on how to beat the 4th Gym Leader:
Get a Rock Pokémon (for the Emolga’s) or a Ground Pokémon for the Zebstrika.
I recommend to get a Rock Pokémon, because Ground attacks are not effective for Emolga.
I can recommend a Dwebble (get him in the Desert Resort) or a Roggenrola (Wellspring Cave)

How to get to the Gym Leader:
The puzzle within Nimbasa City’s gym is a rather unusual one and has you taking a ride on several roller coasters to get through to the end. You need to activate switches to change the path to the direction you require.

5th Gym:

Location: Driftveil City
Gym Leader: Clay
Specialty: Ground-type
Reward: Quake Badge, TM78

In Driftveil City you will find your next Gym to beat.

The Pokémon Clay has:
Krokorok level 29
Palpitoad level 29
Excadrill level 31

My TIP to beat this Gym Leader:
Get a Fight Pokémon, maybe the one you have from the first Gym, but it has to be trained of course ;-)
If you have a nice Fight Pokémon, you’ll be fine!
Or when you have a Grass/Water Pokémon, it won’t be a problem as well! So make sure you have one of them.

How to get to the Gym Leader:
After defeating Team Plasma in the Cold Storage, the Driftveil Gym is accessible. The puzzle here involves the raising and lowering of numerous lifts and crossing numerous narrow girders to get to the gym leader down the bottom. After defeating him, you wont receive the TM until you meet Clay outside Chargestone Cave.

6th Gym:

Location: Mistralton City
Gym Leader: Skyla
Specialty: Flying-type
Reward: Jet Badge, TM62

In Mistralton City, you will find your sixth badge.

The Pokémon Skyla has:
Swoobat level 33
Unfezant level 33
Swanna level 35

My TIP to beat this Gym Leader:
Because they are all Flying-type Pokémon, they are weak to; Electric, Rock and Ice. You can get a Rock Pokémon in one of the caves, and an Ice Pokémon in the Cold Storage located in Driftveil City (City of the 5th Gym) To get an Electric Pokémon, go to the Chargestone Cave (Where you just came out) and find yourself a Electric Pokémon. This Gym shouldn’t be so difficult.

How to get to the Gym Leader:
After following her to the Celestial Tower in Route 7 and cheering her up, Skyla will return to the gym at the back of the runway in the city. This gym is rather linear inthat it has a set path to follow using cannons that shoot you around the gym.

7th Gym:

Location: Iciruss City
Gym Leader: Brycen
Specialty: Ice-type
Reward: Icicle Badge, TM79

In Iciruss City you will find your 7th Gym, we almost have them all :)

The Pokémon Brycen has:
Vanillish level 37
Cryogonal Level 37
Beartic level 39

My TIP to beat this Gym Leader:
Maybe you have chosen Tepig as your starter Pokémon, then he is really helpfull here since it is an Ice Gym.
Other types which are good against Ice:
Fire, Rock, Fight, Steel.
In my opinion, I think this is one of the easiest gyms in Pokémon Black and White.

How to get to the Gym Leader:
Once you get to Icirrus City, the gym should be fully accessible. Like all previous Ice-type gyms, this one revolves around a puzzle where you need to traverse ice. However, unlike past ones, you’ll find walls which make you spin and turn as well as jumps across gaps.

8th Gym:

Location: Opelucid City
Gym Leader: Drayden (Black) Iris (White)
Specialty: Dragon-type
Reward: Legend Badge, TM82

Last but not least, the 8th Gym in Opelucid City, the Dragon-Type Pokémon, my Favourite ones :)

The Pokémon Drayden/Iris has:
Fraxure level 41
Druddigon level 41
Haxorus level 43

My TIP to beat this Gym Leader:
If you don’t have a Ice/Dragon Pokémon, I suggest you to go and get a Dragon Pokémon in Dragonspiral Tower, in Iciruss City (City of the 7th Gym). Because Dragon-type Pokémon are only weak for Ice and Dragon attacks. So this can become a very, very difficult Gym, or maybe it is easy for you, because you have strong Ice/Dragon Pokémon (although, if you have a Dragon Pokémon, this also means you are weak against other Dragon Pokémon attacks!). Good luck with the last Gym Leader.

How to get to the Gym Leader:
After listening to the Plasma speech in Opelucid City, you will be told about the legends by Drayden and Iris. After this, one will leave and go to the gym. This gym doesn’t have a puzzle but is more of a very thin maze where you have to walk around the right path to get to the Gym Leader, having you the player fall land on switches to open new pathways.

Did you think you were finished with Pokémon Black and White? WRONG, this is just the beginning of a new adventure, the Pokémon League adn beyond. Go to the  Victory Road, and to the Elite Four. Then become the Champion, and even after that you aren’t finished.
So we have a lot of things to do, before you have really finished this games :)

Good Luck with your adventure.

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