Innovations in technology and the application to practical human life is the essence of Science. Any innovation that has no direct bearing on the struggle to lessen the sufferings of the inhabitants of the society is completely fruitless, that is why the benefits of all infrastructural and scientific developments are measured by its direct effect on the day to day life of man. This is why any right thinking man will see the innovation on mobile communication as one of the greatest achievements made in life giving the rate of problems it alleviates.

Nokia in General;

The word Nokia is a very solid name that rings a bell whenever anything about Mobile phones are mentioned, it has set itself apart as the best in producing strong and reliable mobile phones with features that are very compliant to the spate of developments in today’s life and its demands. Its set of products combines elegance, strength, style, utility and sophistication to beat its counterparts. Nokia as a company has accomplished yet another mean feat which is the recent Nokia Introduced Money Mobile wallet service for India. This is a platform that will allow almost all Nokia phone users the opportunity to carry out some financial transactions and settle their essential bills through their handsets without having to carry money about.

Features Nokia Introduced Money Mobile wallet service for India;

Through an SMS, any Nokia phone user can now pay utility bills, ticket bookings top ups, insurance bills, and many other financial transactions from the comfort of wherever you might be. All you need to do is register and access the service either through SMS, GPRS/3G or Wi-Fi. The settings are simply designed in such a way that it is user friendly and easy to operate. This is a true reflection of the much needed cashless society policy and a solution to the many charges and transaction costs in using other methods. As one of the fastest rising economies of the world, the Indian Nokia community is in dire need of this. You only need to walk into the nearest Nokia retail shop, register and deposit your money. Through your Nokia mobile phone, you can now access and make payments with this money through SMS. Remember you can operate a zero balance account and also avoid the numerous risk and inconveniences in carrying money around.


Is the Nokia Introduced Money Mobile wallet service for India not one of the best gifts to give India at this stage of their development? Of course it is, because as a rapidly developing nation, it will ease up the pressure on carrying money around. The most significant thing about this Nokia Introduced Money Mobile wallet service for India is that you can enjoy the service with almost every Nokia phone irrespective of your banking network or the service providers for your mobile phone. It is open to all Nokia mobile phone users. This is a very secure and convenient alternative for carrying money around India and it works for all Nokia phone users around India.

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