A well crafted logo design is the face of your business and hence, the responsibility of having a fantastic and unique logo design lies not only with the logo designer but also with the client. Both should have a good rapport and be able to envision on a successful logo design. The client and the logo designer should know the secrets of a successful logo design, if they want to attain benefits from it.

So what exactly are the secrets of a successful logo design? Read on to find out!

1. Simplicity is the Best Policy

Have you ever noticed logo designs of major brands and industries of the world? From Coke to Toyota, from Apple Inc to MacDonald’s, all have simple logos. There is nothing flashy, nothing heavy to it. Most new logo designers have a creative adrenaline to design heavy with a jumble of graphics text and colors and don’t realize that a clustered design does not click with the perceptions of a customer.

2. Color Smart

In a logo design every color has its own purpose, meaning and essence. While some creative business requires the use of splashy colors, others require very basic use of light blue, white, silver or grey to reflect professionalism. The colors you choose will represent your business objectives, so be sure about what you choose to use.

3. Power of Words

Text plays a critical role in logo designing. The fonts you use and the tag lines added must reflect the professional aspect of the business, while catering to readability. Most logo designs are based on company’s initials rather than on any graphical image. Text if designed properly could alone act as a standing logo. Mc Donald’s logo is a classic example of this case.

4. Flexibility and Scalability

The logo design should be flexible and scalable in terms of size. It should be flexible enough to retain its quality if shrunk or expanded according to different media needs. The logo designer should understand that logos will not only go on websites or a business card, the client might want to later add it on a brochure, a t-shirt or maybe on a large poster. Therefore they must be designed to be flexible enough. Vector graphics are most suitable for this purpose.

5. Back to the Future

A logo should have a look that says ‘exceptional’ or ‘contemporary’ instead of ‘out dated’ when used 10 years down the road. This is why it’s important not to have your logo based on just the latest trends. As trends die away your logo will start looking outdated. Create a logo that can stand the test of time and look cool even 100 years after its inception. Example: Coca Cola!

Every successful logo design relies heavily on the effective and creative use of images, colors and text, and if there is clear communication between client and designer, the business may have an amazing logo to flaunt.


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  2. Oxfordshire logo design says:

    Good article, I’ve given it a couple of bookmarks.

    We have our own 6 points to creating a logo to leave an impression, here’s one I’d like to add to your list:

    Your logo doesn’t need to reflect what you do. Take a look at the Dell or Apple logo right in front of you. Neither logo has anything to do with computers!


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