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As technology is improving the modern people fully utilize, today’s computer. To some people using this technology is a waste of time and energy and to some it is an expensive typewriter, which means that there are few folks who use this machine or technology just to type documents. Some people think that there is no wrong in using it because these are designed for the youth to overcome all the difficulties they face. This is the reason this technology is said to be so expensive.


People require this Quick Note-Taking App every time because if a person wants to jot down some information from here and there are some ideas which come in the mind like phone numbers, addresses, scripts ,temporary passwords. The Normal word processors are not required to use these needs. The absolute perfect tools to collect these quick texts are note taking apps which are  available and open for whole time hidden when not required without any difficulty it can be easily and quickly jotted down. It saves the contents directly and automatically.

3 Best quick note-taking applications are

1) Notational velocity

Notational Velocity is really a wonderful and a simple application for storing information and notes. They are saved as HTML files or text files and it supports synchronization with Dropbox. It saves automatically without any difficulty and  do not have to be worried of regularly saving information or notes which the person works on. It’s a free software.

2) Side note

It’s an old application and serves the work and the need perfectly. As the name suggests it stays on one part of the screen. It automatically appears when a person brings cursor to the screen. To speed up things, shortcuts may be assigned. Multiple notes can be created if a person uses Sidenote with different color backgrounds. It also permit the user to drag the images and files directly into the note.

3) Just notes

Just Notes is a beautiful and useful application. Shortcuts can be assigned to jot down the notes quickly. To add a note, click on the plus sign and to delete a note, click on the minus sign. Just Notes are available by searching whatever information we have entered. If required we can sync the notes to the iphone or ipod touch.

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