Information Technology is a comprehensive field. For every area of specialty, one must bear certificates to get recognized and earn the job being applied for. If you want to become ZCEPHP 5.3 certified, you must take and pass the 200-530 examination. And in order to pass the exams set forth by Zend experts and seniors, a candidate must perform best preparations. Review materials are helpful especially those tested and proven ones. It is therefore a must for each and every applicant to shell out not only time and efforts, but also monetary resources to obtain them. Test guides will save your time and effort. You will never play with guessing as you take heed for the upcoming 200-500 exam.

Description: The 200-500 exam validates candidate’s knowledge on the fundamentals of PHP, designing, securing and configuring information bases. It consists of 70 questions that are answerable in 90 minutes. Mostly, Single choice answers are the type of the test and there are also fill-in the blanks questions. The filling is mostly for specifications on the name of the function. There are multiple choice questions, as well, that will sometimes ask you to supply 2 out of the four possible answers.

Examination Coverage: The 200-500 exam covers PHP basics, functions, data format and types, web features, object oriented programming, security. I/O, strings and patterns, databases, and arrays. All major component of the PHP language will appear in the test. There are also lots of exam questions that employed tricks, but if you are too prepared and have mastered the basics, then no tricks can con you away from the right answer. Some php.ini directives will also come out. On the other hand, you will not grope in bleakness as there will be no seeking of needles in the haystacks. There is proper order of parameters for the string manipulation functions. Nevertheless, even if there is no emphasis on the topsy-turvy order of questions, mastering the parameter order integrated in particular functions must be reviewed even if it will claim only 2-3 questions in the test. XML manipulation is also part of the ZCE exam. The array manipulation function must be taken seriously because learning them will pay off as you face the test.

200-530 Exam Compared to 200-500 Exam

In the old Zend Framework Certification exam, needle-haystack stuffs are of emphasis while everything is in parameter order in the 5.3 exam. You also have to know SAX, SimpleXML, DOM, XPath, SOAP web services, and WDSL for the old 5.0 exam, while XML topic is only taken lightly in the 5.3. More often than not, 2-3 questions regarding XML manipulation can be anticipated in it. The PHP 5.3 exam also gives significance to the new improved garbage collection mechanism.

In order to register for the exam, you can purchase the exam voucher to Zend or you may search for Vue Testing Center close to your location.

As every ZCE examination comes in unique questions, you must get a Exams King Products that provides you updates during your preparation stage. It is better to be armed when taking the certification exams. Lack of preparation will lead you to uneasiness and doubts.


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