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Sand versus City: Why Beachside Living is Becoming so Popular

With the increasing costs, stress and pollution associated with living in the city, nowadays people are flocking towards small beachside communities such as Noosa in Queensland. Although city living affords it’s own benefits, people are... read more »


Golden Rules of Property Investment

Understanding the in’s and outs of property investing can help investors save money while learning to build value in their investment.  Since the economy has caused many lenders to be stricter with lending criteria, this is a good time to... read more »


5 Tips for Property Investment

Property investment is tricky business. There are many traps that new investors can fall into. New investors may invest too much capital due to a lack of understanding of how much investment properties really cost. Or they could invest in a... read more »


Running the Risk with Property Investment

If you’re thinking of investing in domestic or commercial property, you’ve probably got some good ideas behind you and perhaps a nifty real estate development software tool to help you out. But how much risk do you want to take? A lot or... read more »


Urban myths about property investment. The property investment market can be a great place to invest. The core elements of successful property investment are excellent capital risk management and a good eye for good properties. The myths and...


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