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7 Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Good physiotherapy can help you recover from a shoulder injury, but what kind of exercises can you do at home to speed up the healing and to strengthen your shoulders? Whether you’re a swimmer or simply suffered from a shoulder injury, you... read more »


A short list of some of the most common swimming injuries in competitive swimmers. Swimming is a great activity for those who can’t handle high-impact sports like running. However, any physiotherapist will tell you that swimming doesn’t...


Common Running Injuries

A description of some of the most common injuries in runners, and some tips to avoid them. Physiotherapists know that running brings a variety of injuries. It doesn’t matter whether you’re training for a marathon or simply jogging a few... read more »


5 Causes of Back Pain

In today’s society, one the most common types of pain people complain about is back pain. This article highlights 5 common causes. The Back is Important Our back is an important part of our musculo-skeletal system, which consists of bones,... read more »


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