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The new best practice option in property investment is to buy investment property off the plan. This is a very interesting market phenomenon, and it’s a good indicator of market demand. Buying off the plan means buying a brand new property....


Urban myths about property investment. The property investment market can be a great place to invest. The core elements of successful property investment are excellent capital risk management and a good eye for good properties. The myths and...


Having the ability to control our own superannuation savings through SMSFs has led to a lot of freedom, and a has also led to a lot of people finding themselves in both legal and financial problems. Property investment through SMSFs is a hot...


There are many property investment advice companies in the market. But how do you know which ones are actually helping you make the right decisions or just trying to earn money from your purchase of property? Investment property can make you...


6 Essential Benefits of Off the Plan Investment Property in Australia

When considering investment property, the issue of buying investment property off the plan arises. The advantages of this type of property investment will depend on the situation of those buying; nonetheless, there are a number of basic advantages... read more »


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