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The total number of South African internet users has now reached the 5 million mark. This growth is higher that forecasted in 2009 when researchers from one South African university estimated total online users would hit the 5 million mark by...


Evolution of Internet to reach its final destination of Mobile Broadband

Internet or the network of computers across the globe was discovered in the early 1960’s but it started popularizing in 1990’s and finally becoming a must for each individual with the advent of broadband technology. There was a significant... read more »


How Valuable is Social Bookmark Traffic?

Whatever its source, no traffic is useless. However, neither is all traffic the same, and you can find great differences when you start to analyze its source. So let’s take a close look at traffic generated by social bookmarking as it... read more »


What is the T3 Internet?

The Internet has become a major part of human life. It has become so common that people who don’t know about internet are often turned into an outcast or simply left out. Before, people wake up in the morning to read the newspaper and... read more »


How To Create Your Own Website For Under $100

I am sorry to say but the internet is not a passing fad and if you are a small business owner and you do not already have an online presence – then you are missing out on a massive market! With millions of searches made each and every... read more »


Top 100 Writers – Niche Sites

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