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UK Car Insurance Firms to Utilize Smartbox for Lower Premiums

Young drivers aged between 17 and 24 who have experienced the shock of scandalously high insurance premiums when looking for coverage for their first car may find hope in the form of a small smart-box which can be fitted under their car. The... read more »


Important Aspects and Benefits of Health Cover

Following the tips below will guide you through the steps needed to get a good health cover. After all: You’ll never know when your body may fail to function properly, especially with the amount of stress and frustration brought about... read more »


Life Cover and Life Cover Quote – What to Look For and How to Use Them

“Life cover” is simply the coverage of a life insurance plan. This means these details are the features included in a life insurance policy. These features should offer some sort of beneficial return for you and your family. Looking... read more »


Business Entities, Laws, and Regulations Paper

When opening a business, no matter what type of business, one must have motivation, desire, and talent. There is an abundance of research and planning goes into each business plan. Opening a business is not something that just happens overnight.... read more »


Securing a Brighter Future with AXA PPP Healthcare Support and Insurance Policies

About the Company AXA PPP is the second largest health insurer in the United Kingdom. Based in Tunbridge Wells, in England’s Kent district, the company has been assisting people to access healthcare services for over 70 years. In present time,... read more »


Best Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Living in a world with economic recession is the reality we must accept. Yet, the current situation won’t leave us despair, instead, this is our chance to make the most out of it. Due to the difficulties in financial matters, people found... read more »


Aviva Life Insurance – Top Brand of Life Cover in the UK

Life insurance from Aviva is perhaps one of the most well-known brands of life cover in the UK. Aviva offers cover from as little as £5 per month, and pays a fixed sum to loved ones in the event of the death of the policy holder under the... read more »


UK Life Insurance News – Fortis Life Now Ageas Protect

Martin Werth is the managing director of Ageas Protect, formerly Fortis Life. He mentioned in an interview that they are happy to enter their new brand name into the UK life cover market.The managing director of Fortis Life, now known as Ageas... read more »


The top three reasons why mobile phone insurance claims get declined

The top three reasons why mobile phone insurance claims get declined Today’s mobile phones are quite a costly investment, especially with the introduction of smartphones. Therefore it would be a significant oversight to not insure whichever... read more »


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