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Why should I go hard money for my real estate deals? 1. Banks just aren’t lending for most properties these days. 2. Do you really want to wait 60-90 days for a bank to make a decision and then they just turn your loan turn you down? 3....


The hard money investors new breed

In the old days, hard money investors were few and far between. Now that everyone wants to be involved in real estate, there are more and more private lenders popping up. People want to invest in homes, but just don’t know how. Over 90% of... read more »


What is a hard money lender? the only hard money lender These types of lenders will usually look at the collateral more than the actual borrower themselves.  The value of the property will be the main part of the hard money loan. There will...


Hard money lenders are the wave of the future

Why should you use a hard money lender? After being associated with hard money lenders for the past 15 years, and being one for the past 10 years, this is the new wave of lending for real estate loans. With there being such an overhang of foreclosed... read more »


the only hard money lender Hard money has been around for a long time. We have been through the ups and downs in the real estate markets. The past few years have been very challenging for many real estate lenders as well as investors. We feel...


Many people these days are asking what is hard money? Is it called hard money because it is tough to get? Just the opposite. These types of loans are very easy to get and have the least amount of restrictions. When you goto a bank these days,...


Private money lenders have become the go to guys these day s for many real estate investors.  They have taken the place of banks. They become the bank and will lend you money and put a lien on your real estate that you are borrowing against....


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