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Hard money lending is a type of hard money loan that is used in commercial or residential real estate transactions by most real estate investors these days. They can sometimes use hard money lending to bridge the gap from the purchase to the...


What is a hard money lender? the only hard money lender These types of lenders will usually look at the collateral more than the actual borrower themselves.  The value of the property will be the main part of the hard money loan. There will...


Hard money lenders are the wave of the future

Why should you use a hard money lender? After being associated with hard money lenders for the past 15 years, and being one for the past 10 years, this is the new wave of lending for real estate loans. With there being such an overhang of foreclosed... read more »


Private Money Lenders…what are they?

we are the nations hard money lending leader These days many real estate investors are looking for private money lenders. These are not loan sharks. They are not the people that will come break your legs if you don’t make your payments. These... read more »