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How To Create Amazing Link Bait Strategies

Internet Marketeers will often argue and discuss on the best way to build quality backlinks. Building great links for your clients or for yourself isn’t as simple as it sounds, it can become really tough to find those quality links you... read more »


SEO: The Social Search Era

Moving into the Social Era Gaining good rankings within Google has always taken a variety of different factors or “signals” from both on-page and off-page. Originally META tags played a huge part of the ranking algorithm, this... read more »


Facebook & Bing Bring “Like” to Websites Near You

On March 30,, Google debuted +1, their answer to social search. Although it’s still only available right now to people who sign up to test it, the idea behind it is that if people like a website, they will click a +1 button next to... read more »


Facebook Attempts Google Smear Campaign

Facebook has been under fire for quite awhile regarding privacy issues but they’re not alone – Google has also had some privacy issues ranging from gathering identifiable information via WiFi to the problems when Google Buzz was... read more »


Using Facebook as a Powerful Tool for Social Proof

Have you ever been to New York City? If so, you’re familiar with the non-stop herds of people crossing major intersections everywhere. Everyone is super careful crossing the street because they know cars couldn’t care less about them. Anyone... read more »


How to remove Ceara Cavallari from your Facebook Questions

You just voted on  ”Hottest Freshman Girl?”, but did not even see a photo of the beautiful Caeara.  What’s this all about? You trusted your friends links, you clicked, and now you regret it.  That is because that girl whose... read more »


Small Business Marketing Advice: A Few Simple Tips

Starting and running a small business can be hard work. A lot of people leave their current job and start their own business with the belief that they will be working less – but the truth is that the majority of small business owners... read more »


The 3 Deadly Mistakes of Facebook Fan Pages – Make Sure Your Facebook Fan Page is Free of These

Whether you absolutely love Facebook, or utterly despise it, one thing’s for sure- you can’t avoid it nowadays. This multi-billion dollar website (I’ve heard estimates of it being worth around $50 BILLION) is pretty much a household name. Smart... read more »


Facebook Page URL And SEO: What You Need To Know!

Facebook is massive! With over 500 million registered users I am sure you will agree that this is a massive market, that if you are not already working on – you should be. It is incredibly simple for you to create a page in Facebook for... read more »


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