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Five Common Excuses For Being A Couch Potato

A commitment to life-long physical fitness is not made lightly. We all lead busy lives and developing the self-discipline to create an intelligent fitness program, and sticking with it day after day, month after month and year after year, is... read more »


Top 3 Fitness Ball Exercises

The exercise ball has been increasing in its popularity due in large part to being very functional. The ball creates an unstable surface which facilitates engagement of the core muscles that stabilize our spine. It has also become widely accepted... read more »


Building a Better Body Through Discipline, Proper Exercise, and Nutrition

The reason many fail at losing weight or simply improving their self-image through exercise is simple—it’s hard work.  In order to get the results many crave, it takes discipline, planning, and dedication to your task.  In order to get... read more »


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