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Middle Aged Men, Andropause And Erection Disorder

One of the signature signs of Andropause happens to be erectile dysfunction (ED). A kind of (for the man) ego destructing, irritating occurrence. Temporary erectile dysfunction happens to be when a man is not able to perform for his woman partner.... read more »


Where Smoking Burns Your Masculinity ….

Smoking might make a man look manlier. However in real terms, smoking has a negative impact on one’s masculinity and affects his virility. The pathological backgrounds appear to be similar. Smoking has been severely interlinked to erectile... read more »


Erectile dysfunction Responsible For Creating Friction In Couples

A recent study shows that erectile dysfunction is being blamed for the couples breaking after marriage.  It has been seen that around 64 % of men in Egypt face erectile problems.  This problem of erectile dysfunction has been especially... read more »


Erectile Dysfunction Breaks A Man

While virility makes a man, erectile dysfunction breaks him.  The sexual problems are not confined to the four walls of the bedroom but also persist and corrupt one’s mind.  By creating a space in between the partners, it can also ruin... read more »


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