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Over and over I read posts about kids wanting the secret to convincing their parents that buying a puppy is a good idea. There are many sure fire ways, but is it really what is best for everyone? If you want to get a puppy, then it’s a simple...


Male & female dogs – Want to know the difference between them?

I often read in forums about people’s fixed view of whether male or female dogs are better. This is usually written by people wanted to select the ‘ideal dog’. So what are the differences, if any? Firstly, I can tell you from all of the... read more »


What is the difference between designer and pedigree dogs? Not many people know of the history of designer dogs or why they might just be the most perfect dog out there. While many ‘designer dogs’ were only created a maximum of twenty years...


I am amazed at the prejudice & stupidity that is circulating in forums about designer dogs. Some call them ‘mutts’ and not AKC ready. But seriously, who cares what snobs think? But the mis-information goes further than this. You see...


If you have disregarded Omega 3 for your own health, you should consider it mandatory for all dogs! While it may not be a cancer cure, it is a very strong cancer preventative and much more. Recently after another costly vet visit I was casually...


I have been reading a lot of people posting questions about what human medicine can they give their dog. One of the main questions seems to be around pain relief. Some posters say that you can give specific dog aspirin available at supermarkets....


In part one of this article I looked at the issues of owning fighting dogs and working dogs in the city. Now I address the final breeds that above all should never be kept in the city or rural areas for that matter! The reason previously given...


What dogs should people not own in urban areas – Part ONE

This list is of course subjective, but it is based on the needs of the dog breeds as well as the ability to of owners to control. Discipline and adequately exercise these dogs. People have very definite likes when it comes to dogs. Sometimes... read more »


Why ALL parks should be off lead dog parks!

This might seem like an outlandish wish, however I think you will find by the end of this story that there are very good reasons for converting MOST parks to off lead parks. But first a little history of how I got to such a claim. While this... read more »


THREE MORE ways to get a dog to “ATTACK” you! FINAL PART

The first part of this series looked at novel ways to ensure that inquisitive dogs could be mislabelled as ATTACKING people, and how people should behave to increase the chance of this happening. While that article laid some great foundations,... read more »


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