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Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Last Thursday, I went for my very first ever chemotherapy treatment for my breast cancer. I’d like to look at it as if I have already survived breast cancer, since it has been surgically removed. The breast surgeon said she got all of... read more »


Conventional “Western” medicine dictates the following treatments for women (and men) with breast cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. It’s not necessarily in that order and not every person with breast cancer has...


Breast Cancer Port Placement

Mediport What is a mediport? No one probably would even know to ask that question unless they have cancer or have someone close to them who has (or had) cancer and is going to receive chemotherapy. I definitely didn’t know what it was... read more »


If you have had breast cancer, or know another woman with it who had a single or double mastectomy with reconstruction, the phrase “tissue expander” isn’t an unfamiliar one. If you know little to nothing about breast cancer...


Breast Cancer Symptoms & Prevention

I never really read anything about how to prevent breast cancer but I thought I was doing the right things in life for my health. I don’t smoke, I rarely drink, I don’t use drugs. I try to exercise often and I know what the right... read more »


Breast Cancer Symptoms Help to Control Yourself

Cancer is a critical disease for every people on the world. By the improving medical and its drugs, cancer is prevented. You can become cancer in a day. This is not surprise, this is reality; all people are in a risk circle. Important thing... read more »


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