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Easy Makeup Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Every woman dreams of a beautiful, spotless skin that is free of blemishes, scars and spots. Many women go in for expensive artificial and cosmetic procedures to get that flawless skin. However, spotless, beautiful skin is not as difficult to... read more »


Acne scars on back – Facts to know and its treatment

Acne scar is a serious skin problem for those suffering from it. And especially for the people having acne scars on back. Back is one of the most sensitive body parts for exposure to acne scars and this type of acne is also known as Follicular... read more »


Get a mirror image of you, in the clearer skin

A clean and clear shiny skin is what the desire of every person. This type of beauty fad is generally blended in women; getting gorgeous makes feel complete in life. Beautiful looks is one of the major criteria for a lady. Just imagine, if women... read more »


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