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Popular Jobs in Queensland, Australia

Queensland is the second largest state in size and one of the fastest growing populations in Australia. It plays an essential role in boosting of the Australian economy due to a variety of different jobs and industries. Over the past 20 years,... read more »


The most beautiful Disco on the Planet.

Is this the ultimate in Mobile Discos? For the ultimate Disco light show one has to look to the heavens and would you believe it, but just today I found something stunning. It made my jaw drop. I believe this is the most absolutley stunning... read more »


Isn’t it amazing how fragile economies can be? With so many national economics sitting on a knifes edge you start to get a good picture of how bad things are getting. With a growing number of European countries facing debt crisis, and...


Mediterranean Cruises

Considering the thousands of destinations around the world, it is truly amazing that most considering a cruise end up choosing one of an untold number of Mediterranean Cruises. The Mediterranean hoards the majority of the worlds ancient monuments,... read more »


Safety Tips for New Zealand

New Zealand, not only boast spectacular scenery, friendly locals and a rich and diverse culture, but it truly has something to entice every taste, whether you want to get your heart pumping on a New Zealand jet boat ride or bungee-jump in the... read more »


Outbreak of Tornados in Alabama

The recent tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama shocked the nation. Millions of people huddled around their televisions and surveyed the devastation from afar. The people of Tuscaloosa, unfortunately, had a front and center view, having had experienced... read more »


The Largest Mines In Western Australia

Western Australia is one of the resource capitals of the world! With the value of the industry (when combined with the oil industry) being over $70 billion, it is hard not see see WA as a major player within the mining industry. Although the... read more »


Matcha Green Tea – Steps to make and drink it

Matcha Green Tea Many people instantly connect matcha with the tea ceremony and the etiquette this entails. But making an invigorating cup of matcha does not need to involve such etiquette and it is much simpler than you may think. Matcha ought... read more »


Its goes without saying that our planet is getting warmer by the day and this has got most scientists of the world concerned. Of course there have always been shares of naysayers who argue that it would take up million years for the Earth to...


Osama Dead or not – Terrorism’s Death is What Humanity Demands!

On April 29th,, U S President Barack Obama, commissioned a raid on Bin Laden’s suspected location near Abbottabad, Pakistan. The total raid, including intelligence sweeps of the compound, where Osama lived, was actualized in less than... read more »