How Valuable is Social Bookmark Traffic?

Whatever its source, no traffic is useless. However, neither is all traffic the same, and you can find great differences when you start to analyze its source. So let’s take a close look at traffic generated by social bookmarking as it... read more »


What is Google +1?

What is Google +1? Google +1 is basically Google’s answer to the Facebook “like” button and it requires a Google account, it was released on June 1st 2011. The “+1″ button will appear along side search results for... read more »


SEO: The Social Search Era

Moving into the Social Era Gaining good rankings within Google has always taken a variety of different factors or “signals” from both on-page and off-page. Originally META tags played a huge part of the ranking algorithm, this... read more »


Google Correlate for Keyword Research

Well, looky here! Last week Google released a new tool into their Labs arsenal called Google Correlate. According to the almighty Goog, this is meant to be the opposite of Google Trends. With Google Trends you can see the search queries that... read more »


SEO Basics – First Link Priority

  Many site owners and webmasters spend a great deal of time and effort getting their sites set up just right, using keyword and key phrase research, then tweaking their headers and their meta descriptions and meta tags and even going on... read more »


Facebook & Bing Bring “Like” to Websites Near You

On March 30,, Google debuted +1, their answer to social search. Although it’s still only available right now to people who sign up to test it, the idea behind it is that if people like a website, they will click a +1 button next to... read more »


Top 100 Writers – One step ahead towards writing

The “Top 100 Writers” is an innovative idea to provide a top quality platform to its exclusive writers to raise their contents with the unlimited auto-approved access. The concept behind Top 100 Writers is to provide support to top 100 writers... read more »


Search Engine Optimization And Browser Windows

For small businesses or individuals that are just starting out can utilize the power of the internet as an effective tool to market and advertise their products and services by the means of putting up a company website. Unlike traditional media... read more »


Submitting Your Site to Google News

If you are the owner of a blog or site that releases regular updates and news about one distinctive subject area (for example news about share prices in the UK or news related to the latest green technology) then it is worth considering submitting... read more »


Is Google’s +1 Actually a Negative?

We all know that Google is trying hard to get into the social media game. Ever since 2009 when it became painfully aware that traditional search was lacking in the areas where social networks were shining ( real time and situational queries),... read more »

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