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How much should I pay for a HDMI cable?

I could summarise this answer in a single sentence, but it would probably be better to explain what the costs are, and why you should pay them. First of all, I’m going to tell you NOT to buy the crazy expensive cables you see at department... read more »


Is my Home Theatre equipment ready for a new XBOX360?

So you’re thinking about getting a new XBOX360. It could be a replacement for an old worn out one, or it could be a whole new one – it doesn’t really matter – as long as you know about your home theatre equipment, and... read more »


Will my hdmi cable work on my new tv?

Seems like an unusual battle, right? But when you find yourself standing in the department store, looking at a new 3DTV, you may find yourself thinking “will my hdmi cable work with my new tv?” Well, you could be lucky. But it’s... read more »


HDMI Cables are a touchy subject

Some discussions about HDMI Cables can get really heated… We’ve all got a friend who’s bought a brand spanking new, shiny HDMI Cable from their local department store for a price you would never dream of paying. That’s... read more »