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What Are The Differences In HDMI Switches?

With so many options to choose from when selecting a HDMI switch, which is the right option? Of course, it all comes down to exactly what you need now, what your equipment is compatible with, and what you may be upgrading to in the future. If... read more »


What is a HDMI Wall Plate?

A HDMI Wall Plate is a great little piece of kit. It will allow you to connect your High Definition Television to your Home Theater equipment via a high quality HDMI Cable – all while keeping those ugly cables hidden from sight, wherever... read more »


Video8, Hi8, 8mm Video Tape Adapter for VCR

Unfortunately, there is NO adapter that will let you play your 8mm, Hi8, or Video8 tapes on your home VCR. The only way to properly watch these particular tapes is to use the original camcorder and then hook it up to the television, or to buy... read more »


Video and VHS Restoration Techniques

Before the advent of digital media and DVDs, we were limited to analog recording onto video tapes. Millions of families have countless hours of footage stored on types of media like this. In todays age, it’s now easier than ever to restore... read more »


Samsung UN40C6300 Review Flat Panel TVs – Reviews

The Samsung UN40C6300 Review, 40″ LED HDTV; Samsung UN40C6300 reviews really well, a Flat Panel TV manufactured by  one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. For over 40 years, every time I see a new product roll... read more »


Looking for a Cheap LCD TV, The Jargon Reviewed?

BANG, and with a small puff of smoke that 1st generation flatscreen TV you not so recently purchased has forced you to buy a New, much Cheaper now, cheap LCD tv or Plasma TV. So, cap in hand to the wife, you explain the dire situation; Best... read more »


Should I Buy my HDMI Cables Online?

The advantages of buying your HDMI cables online are endless. Stores which sell HDMI Cables online normally don’t have the numerous overhead costs associated with running a brick-and-mortar shop in a shopping mall, street, or massive shopping... read more »


How Do I Know I’ve Selected A Quality HDMI Cable?

Sometimes it can be difficult to select a quality HDMI cable for the right price. Retailers often use deceptive packaging and pricing to alter your perception about what could potentially be a pretty low quality cable. You may find it hard to... read more »


What Are the Benefits Of a HDMI Switch?

There may be more benefits to owning a HDMI switch than you initially thought! Of course, there’s the obvious advantage of being able to plug additional HDMI devices into your television or amplifier; But what you may not have thought... read more »


How Many HDMI Devices Can I Connect to my Television?

If you’ve got a few entertainment or multimedia devices which you use on a regular basis, you may find yourself with more plugs than sockets! It can all depend on your Television or Home Theatre Amplifier. Your television may have one,... read more »