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Is it Worth By-Passing Blu-Ray and Waiting for High Def Streaming?

A lot of people out there are still undecided when it comes to upgrading from DVDs to Blu-Rays. The viewing public has, as yet, not passed verdict on the Blu-Ray format and for a lot of people there is not enough information to convince them... read more »


Is this the new Apple TV? The iTV. Apple rumours…

From the early 90’s Apple has been known for producing some of the most innovative products on the market, and yet for over a year now we’ve been subjected to numerous rumours concerning the new Apple TV. Sometime dubbed the iTV. What’s... read more »


Samsung UE46D7000 – Cheapest UK prices – UE46D7000 Review

Today we are going to be reviewing the new Samsung UE46D7000 3DTV which is part of the new range of 2011 D7000 Series 3D televisions.   As you are probably seen the amount of televisions available on the market at the moment is simply bewildering... read more »


Which is Better? an LCD, LED or Plasma TV.

Which is better? LCD, LED or Plasma TV? We have all heard the stories, from years back about how Plasma TV’s suffer screen burn and that LCD TVs have problems with fast moving object and sure enough, at the time these point were in some... read more »


A Guide to buying a new Television in 2011

When it comes to buying a new television it really is a mind field out there, just take a look in your local electrical store and you will see row upon row of different makes and models of televisions. For most people a new television really... read more »


What’s In A Good Quality HDMI Switch?

As is the case with every product on the market these days, it’s possible to get a fantastic quality, excellently performing HDMI switch, and it’s also quite possible to get a cheap, nasty, badly performing HDMI switch, for around... read more »


What Are The Differences In HDMI Switches?

With so many options to choose from when selecting a HDMI switch, which is the right option? Of course, it all comes down to exactly what you need now, what your equipment is compatible with, and what you may be upgrading to in the future. If... read more »


What is a HDMI Wall Plate?

A HDMI Wall Plate is a great little piece of kit. It will allow you to connect your High Definition Television to your Home Theater equipment via a high quality HDMI Cable – all while keeping those ugly cables hidden from sight, wherever... read more »


Video and VHS Restoration Techniques

Before the advent of digital media and DVDs, we were limited to analog recording onto video tapes. Millions of families have countless hours of footage stored on types of media like this. In todays age, it’s now easier than ever to restore... read more »