Angry birds has taken the world by storm and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. It seems like this game is appearing on every platform capable of playing games and then even on some that require a little adaptation. If you haven’t...


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the Biggest Game of the Year

Every since the first Modern Warfare game was released in November of 2007, the Call of Duty franchise has been the biggest in gaming. Mario and Halo have had to step aside in favor of decorated soldiers carying out stealth missions with the... read more »


Get Early Access With the Uncharted 3 Beta

The Uncharted franchise has become one of the premiere video game franchises on the Playstation 3, if not on all video game consoles in general. The first Uncharted game, Drake’s Fortune, stormed onto the scene in November of 2007 and... read more »


The Pokémon Black and White TM’s + HM’s list. Where to find them?

Where to find all the TM’s + HM’s in Pokémon Black & White In Pokémon, you always have TM’s (Technical Machine) and HM’s (Hidden Machine). You can use HM’s outside of the battle and in the battle, so you can... read more »


All the Legendary Pokémons in Pokémon Black and White

In the very succesfull game serie Pokémon, there are always ‘Legendary Pokémons’. You can catch them only once, and normally they are one of the best Pokémons you can get. For the Legendary Pokémons: You have two different types,... read more »


The Nintendo 3DS – Let’s Take a Look Inside

No 3D glasses needed :) The newest game console of Nintendo is called the Nintendo 3DS (abbreviated to 3DS). The coolest and most unique feature of this game console is that it has an ability to produce 3D (3 dimensional) effects without the... read more »


Hermie and Friends : A Good Cartoon Show with Good Values

Hermie and Friends is a great TV show for kids and kids at heart. This popular Christian video series for children stars two caterpillar friends named Hermie and Wormie, as they go through adventures as caterpillars in the insect world. Hermie:... read more »