Data Recovery

A desktop computer has become the hub of many homes; it’s Mom’s appointment calendar, the family  library, the kid’s gaming center, and Dad’s fix-it manual. It’s also the at-home-office or full workplace for many...


A Piece Of Software Restores Deleted Disk Files

I am yet to come across a person who uses computers whether for fun or for a more important task and has not at least by mistake deleted a file or two which may be important. We all have at one time or the other experienced that. Is data recovery... read more »


How do we evaluate an offsite backup service and data backup options when we are not technically minded, and we just have business decisions to make? Getting specialist advice is our only option because we just don’t know the difference between...


Cloud Computing Services: What Business Really Requires

Many business owners are using managed server solutions, to create their own client-server systems that include an offsite backup service. The power of personal computers (servers) has increased exponentially in a number of years, which means... read more »


Mozy Online File Storage Service Review

Mozy is our award winner for online storage, Mozy’s primary function is online data backup, however the fact that you can download files from anywhere using the mozy software makes it a great online storage option as well. The reason why... read more »


SugarSync Review

Online Remote Backup services are a dime a dozen, however SugarSync is the exception here because it provides a truly unique and interesting service, the one thing that makes SugarSync online remote backup service unique from other is that... read more »


There was a time when USB drives were regarded as useful and reliable backup options, however one of the problems with USB drives is that they often get lost, and have limited shelf life which means that eventually wear out. And before that...