The Psychology of Why Some Women Own So Many Shoes

Women’s shoes are something many men will never understand. For men the most important thing in the footwear they sport is the fact is comfort; this means many men’s shoe collections will consist almost exclusively of trainers and also helps... read more »


Electronic Cigarette – A Guide

Electronic cigarettes are the new trend setters in town and have captured the imagination of smokers in particular and the whole world in general. E-cigarettes are basically electronic clones of the normal and readily available to be used, plus... read more »


What is the difference between designer and pedigree dogs? Not many people know of the history of designer dogs or why they might just be the most perfect dog out there. While many ‘designer dogs’ were only created a maximum of twenty years...


I am amazed at the prejudice & stupidity that is circulating in forums about designer dogs. Some call them ‘mutts’ and not AKC ready. But seriously, who cares what snobs think? But the mis-information goes further than this. You see...